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By Cessi Treñas. Photography by Koji Arboleda assisted by Kitkat Pajaro. Art direction Alexandra Lara. Fashion direction and styling Nicole Blanco Ramos. Makeup RB Chanco of MAC Cosmetics. Hair Bee Amara Buangan. Nails Triple Luck Brow and Nail Salon. Sittings editor Sarah Santiago. Shot on location at Bahay Lakan. Special thanks to Gary Ozaeta.

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Counterbalancing conventions, triple threat Jane Oineza sets herself apart with a unique equation of of talent and authenticity
It’s easy to write Jane Oineza off as just another teen starlet. After all, she’s one of the young hopefuls gradually rising to showbiz prominence, thriving on the love of her devoted fans, hoping to make a ripple in the local industry. Jane Oineza is a plain Jane–an easy deduction, but also a flawed one. While circumstances indisputably make Jane seem like every other aspiring celebrity of her time, dipping below the surface and getting to know her–the fearless actress, the easygoing teenager, the quirky bookworm with an endless to-read list–undoubtedly proves otherwise. One project at a time, Jane Oineza shoots down conventions with a one-two punch of talent and her infectious, child-like laughter. jane oineza-megastyle-megastyleph-march 2016-details-1
Peering into Jane’s acting history is an obvious giveaway that this daredevil of an actress and her gutsy affinity for out-of-the-box roles is anything but run-of-the-mill. Having sidestepped the standard roles typical of her contemporaries more times than the surveilling public is used to, she has challenged portraying the likes of a woman living with cerebral palsy and a fifteen-year-old rape victim–a performance that led to her nomination in the 2013 New York Festivals’ International TV & Film category. Ever adventurous in her pursuit of roles, Jane looks forward to treading the less-traveled ground of indie films. “Hindi pa ako nag-indie, but I want to try it out because mas free. Mas madami kang pwede i-explore,” she insightfully shares of her desire to take on less mainstream roles. In the meantime, the actress is taking a break from the heart-wrenching characters she has become known for. Her most recent project, Always Be My Maybe, sees Jane playing the role of Gerald Anderson’s best friend-cum-love adviser, Telay. In spite of the character’s blithe air, Jane still finds an enjoyable challenge in her portrayal. With a nod of the head and her signature smile, she says, “It’s a new role for me kasi medyo light, hindi siya yung drama, ‘di siya yung iyakan. jane oineza-megastyle-megastyleph-march 2016-details-2   jane oineza-megastyle-megastyleph-march 2016-details-3   jane oineza-megastyle-megastyleph-march 2016-details-4  
Like her proven prowess in acting gives away, the Jane Oineza we see on the silver screen is far from the happy-go-lucky trooper she is. We soon find out on the day of our cover shoot, that the same logic applies to what we see on the screens of our phones. Behind the impeccably styled hair and unmistakably picturesque snaps that flood Jane’s Instagram feed is a stripped-back, no-frills personality–a rare trait in an industry shrouded by fame and grandeur. From driving herself to our sequestered shoot location to easily adapting to creative direction in between camera flashes, Jane sets forth an unrivalled degree of professionalism. This down-to-earth mentality also trickles down to the young star’s personal style. On her days off, away from events and the guidance of her stylist Patty Yap, Jane finds comfort in dressing down. Glad to trade in heels for a pair of trusty Vans any day of the week, she builds her day-to-day outfits on a solid foundation of ripped jeans, monochrome t-shirts and vintage finds from the depths of her and her mother’s closets. Decidedly spontaneous even in her manner of dressing, Jane candidly identifies herself as a spur-of-the-moment dresser. “Minsan nga nagugulat ako ‘pag naghahanap ako ng damit; it’s super random. Kung ano lang yung nasa tuktok. Tapos ‘pag okay lang, parang “Uy, I didn’t think [this through], but it’s good!” she shares with a laugh. In the face of her burgeoning popularity, Jane has mastered the art of staying true to herself and her humble roots. As she breathes life into her next pivotal role and stays intent on dipping her toes into music and composition, we have high hopes that this star on the rise will continue to thrive.   jane oineza-megastyle-megastyleph-march 2016-details-5

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