MEGAstyle October 2015: Kim Jones

La Vie De La Mode
OCT 15, 2015 | by Nicole Blanco Ramos kim jones - megastyle - megastyleph - opener

Photography: Simon Sandor. Sittings Editors: Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena & Sarah Santiago.

megastyle-october - kim jones - megastyleph
Taking to the streets of Paris during fashion week, Kim Jones is a purveyor of the best of international style – and of course Filipino designers make up the mix.
The story of Kim Jones is the stuff of modern-day fairytales. At 28, she is the Creative Director of one of the country’s elite fashion and lifestyle blogs, a website she coded by herself while it was in its initial stages (yes, you read that right). or “Miss Jones” has since taken a life of its own, fast becoming a source of endless points of inspiration for its readers. Building things from scratch and then having them take off gloriously seems to be a recurring theme with Kim Jones. She came to the Philippines to try her hand at modeling and began shooting for television commercials. Opportunities to talk in front of the camera soon presented itself and she went on to host the lifestyle and magazine show Etcetera on ETC Channel as well as I Am Meg, a reality TV show and search for the next ambassador of Meg Magazine. Insightful, delightful and well-read, Kim went from hosting I Am Meg to joining the panel of judges for the show. Kim created a niche for herself, something she just chanced upon. Her website is a breathtaking diary of her cool Western European style set against scenic destinations in the Philippines alongside other destinations around the world. Among a very wide range of topics, Kim’s website consists mainly of fashion, music, photography, art, graphic and interior design. From there it evolved again into something much more personal, where she began planning photo shoots and traveling and using it as a way to express herself and her own aesthetics. “It started as a platform for me to document my transition from Australia to the Philippines,” explains Kim. “It wasn’t a concept I really loved so it evolved into more of an anonymous mood board.” Interesting enough, getting followers was not important to her. “I think I [may have] had a whopping two subscribers,” says Kim jokingly. “It was really just my creative outlet—somewhere online that I could curate all of the things I loved.” With that, there was never an “aha” moment for Kim—just a series of decisions that led her to where she is now. “At the risk of sounding like Diane Von Furstenburg, I knew the woman I wanted to be. I knew what success meant to me. I just didn’t necessarily know how to get there, whereas now I’m very content with where I am and the next steps I want to take,” she says. “There are always challenges. To quote Albert Einstein, ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new,’ so on that basis alone, I’ll happily accept all the challenges that come my way. It’s trial and error, but it’s always worth it.”   Can you recount the first instance you fell in love with fashion? My first memory was of a dress my mother made for me. We had limited money so we wore a few of my mum’s creations—often wearing identical pieces with my younger sister. I was so fascinated by how a piece of fabric could be transformed into a dress and since then I’ve been cutting, reshaping, rehemming my clothes. I taught myself basic sewing and would try revamping old clothes. How would you describe your personal style? To be honest, I always have trouble describing this because I enjoy experimenting with different looks. I love trying new things—especially in fashion. If I like what I see, I wear it. If it doesn’t work, that’s okay. However, most of the time I am drawn to simple pieces with 50s silhouettes: full skirts, cinched waists, bardot cuts—anything that exudes feminity and empowerment. What would you say is the biggest influence that helped mold your personal style? I think after my move here from Australia, I was forced into this self exploration that is inevitable when you experience such a huge change. Since then I’ve gone through just about every look possible as I tried to find myself. But over time, as I traveled to new places and saw new things or went through changes in my life, my style has become a reflection of who I am as a woman. Do you have any favorite fashion films? It’s not entirely a fashion movie, but it is in a way—Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. It’s set in the 50s and has everything I love—Audrey, Paris and fashion. I also enjoy watching fashion documentaries like Dior and I, Iris, Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel are all great fashion films that should be watched. What about books about fashion? I really enjoyed Overdressed. It’s not a favorite but it definitely left the biggest impact on me. It’s all about sustainability in the fashion industry and how it affects us, the consumer and those on a production level on a global scale—similar to the documentary The True Cost. If there was one item in your wardrobe you can never be without, what would it be? A great pair of heels. I always say they elevate your mood (and more literally, you). Do you have any favorite designers? What do you love about them? Locally, Xernan Orticio for his use of geometry and Vania Romoff and her soft feminine aesthetic, as well as younger labels like Basic Movement. Internationally, designers like Delpozo, Vika Gazinskaya, Emilia Wickstead and Rosie Assoulin are at the top of my list. They are all masters of volume and shape and Assoulin and Wickstead have this subtle vintage vibe that I love. Where can we find you during the weekend? Any favorite hangout spots? Most likely at home in some cozy nook if I’m not working. I love to read and right now I’m reading Dan Brown’s Deception Point, which is based on a false story the White House & NASA have concocted of having found extra terrestrial life in order to avoid the privatisation of space exploration. That plot right there is just one of the reasons my friends never see me out. What are some of the major highlights of your 2015? My travels. I’ve gotten to see some pretty amazing places this year and it’s the aspect of my job that I relish the most. It’s incredibly tiring (I just arrived a day ago from 10 countries in just over 3 weeks) but I enjoy it and I find it so rewarding and inspiring.   Kim Jones intends to keep on growing and expanding her brand. “I have a huge soft spot for South East Asia and of course, the Philippines,” she says. “This place is booming with opportunity and I’m excited to see where the next few years takes us.” And consequently, we are as eager to see where else Miss Jones takes off to next. Your guess is a good as ours. Download the October 2015 e-magazine featuring Kim Jones FOR FREE on Magzter, via the official app (available on Google Play) or the Magzter app (available on AppStore and Google Play)

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