MEGAstyle May 2015: KC Concepcion

We know that the Philippines doesn’t exactly have four seasons but we figured we join the bandwagon anyway and make this month’s look fresh and effortless. As we sat down to figure out who we wanted to dawn this month’s cover it was far from a difficult task. Immediately, we knew that KC Concepcion’s beauty was exactly what we wanted. Blame it on the great genes she inherited from her superstar mother and handsome father, her beauty is one that transcends generations. She is truly classic, elegant and timeless. We sat down with KC as she took us on a scent journey as she talked about her Paris days to other travel adventures. get the look-KC It has long been known that scent has always had the power to let us remember even the most random memory. All it takes is a single trace from a fleeting scent to awaken memories that have been hibernating in our minds for years. It could be as simple as the smell of a single drop of rain on our nose that leads us back to the time where you got completely soaked while hugging your high school sweetheart after a long evening of arguing or the smell of a freshly baked pie that instantly transports you back into your mother’s kitchen in an instant. KC Concepcion recalls her first memory of travel while sitting down with us and says, “I remember being backstage in a concert in Honolulu and I was in a Mickey Mouse bathing suit. That was my first memory of travel. I was under the sun and remembered seeing beautiful people in bikinis. I remember smelling coconut.” It is so amazing that the sense of smell is so powerful that it is almost like having our own personal time machine.
KC tells us about her adventures in Europe and how certain smells will always be with her. “There was an exhibit in the garden in Versailles. There were scented bubbles and I remember the smell of peach and violet,” she recalls. Although it has been a few years since she lived in Paris, our sense of smell has a way to take us back to places we have long left behind in a split second. It makes us remember what was going through our minds at that exact minute. “I lived behind one of the gardens near the Louvre and it just really smelled like fresh grass. I would smell fig also. So now, when I smell fig candles it just reminds me so much of Paris,” she states. She speaks about the way Parisians lived life and the electric energy of the city. “It was very calm and inspiring. People always had a way of doing things naturally and I really liked that every morning I could literally smell bread, fresh bread straight from the oven at six in the morning. It was just pastries and bread and you could almost smell raspberry. It just is such a beautiful and charming city,” says KC. Through her stories we could almost smell steaming baguettes coming out of an oven and powdered sugar falling on top of buttery crepes in a café. “You see the baker covered in powder and flour and ingredients to make your meal in the morning. There are bakeshops in every single corner in Paris. Everywhere you go it was all pastries, cakes and bread. It just reminds me so much of it when I smell it that I can almost ‘taste’ the city,” she recalls. Another thing about scents is that we can create memories the same way other things give us memories to hold on to. It is as easy as walking past a stranger who takes a whiff of the perfume you spritzed on that morning before rushing to work. The way a scent creeps up on us is palpable and it embeds moments in life in a way no other sense can. KC talks about her trip to Dubai and how she encountered a certain Arabic smell which has stuck with her ever since. “I remember going to Dubai and smelling a lot of ‘oud’ which is an Arabic scent that all the men use. It was the smell of ‘oud’, wood and spices. I really loved it because I love to mix it with vanilla to make it more feminine and to make it a female scent. I didn’t really know what the smell was because I never really smelled ‘oud’ before. All my friends from France who were either French, Lebanese or Kuwaiti they would all use ‘oud’ and burn this wood to make their homes smell a certain way. I remember my perfume which was a fruity smell with a hint of mango mixing with the ‘oud’ became woody, fruity and warm,” she narrates. It is not only a woman’s looks or personality that makes her who she is but it is also the scent she fills the room with when she enters and the one that lingers when she has left. A woman’s scent is a part of life that is just as important as the ensemble she puts on in the morning. “My perfect scent is sweet Vanilla Cinnamon. I think that scent best describes me. It’s a yummy and appetizing scent. It is also warm and cozy scent,” KC says. Your scent is a piece of your identity and not having one is like not having a clear opinion of who you are. KC explains exactly how vital scent is, “It’s the very first thing that brings back a single memory. It just brings them back so fast more than pictures and more than food. When I taste something, yeah it brings back memories but when I smell something or someone’s perfume it reminds me right away of the person. It helps me process everything that happens to me. Pag wala akong naamoy, para akong lost or parang paano ko ba mareremember yung moment nay un. (When I don’t smell anything it’s like I’m lost and I don’t know how I’ll be able to remember that specific moment.)” Like KC Concepcion, we all have our versions of life told through the scents and smells that we encounter every day. The memories that scents leave us are timeless and no matter how hard we do try, they will forever be embedded in our minds forever.
Cover story by Francesca Atendido   Photography :  Shaira Luna Videographer : Ron Mendoza Art Directors :  Alexandra Lara and Kenneth Rivera Creative Director : Suki Salvador Styling: Francesca Atendido & Nicole Blanco Ramos Makeup : Juan Sarte Hair : Lourd Ramos Nails : Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon Cover Garment by: Eric de Los Santos Garments by: Rosenthal Tee and Bianca Cordero Production Design : Tipping Point Collective Shoot Coordinator: Patty Nuguid Shoot Assistants : Emric Rejano, Tiffany Torres, and Nico Gariando   Special thanks to Viva Artists Agency, Inc.

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