MEGAstyle Picks: 20 Holiday Wardrobe Essentials

Time seems to go by quicker than a pair of Louboutins on sale these days. We can’t believe that Christmas is only two days away when it feels like the year just started. But, we can’t do anything but accept that there is no stopping the endless rejoicing and celebrating that is about to commence. Thinking of outfits for every single party get tiring  and honestly, who has time to get into what you really need for your wardrobe during the holidays? Oh wait. We do. Today, we have put together a list of 20 MEGAstyle Picks for the top 20 Holiday Wardrobe Essentials that we think you should most certainly have in your closet before the festivities begin. 20-holiday-wardrobe Art by: Patricia Co   Written and Compiled by: Francesca Atendido  

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