MEGAstyle Picks: Our Favorite Designers from NYFW Spring 2016

A peek at trends to come featuring designers from New York Fashion Week
by Nicole Blanco Ramos & Alexandra Lara, Art by Alexandra Lara
spring rtw 2016-opener
Modern treatments, fresh techniques and nostalgic themes : New York Fashion Week was a meeting of the old and the new. Fashion’s New Year brought about new palettes from the likes of both established and newbie fashion designers on the west coast. From reworked ruffles to a new spin on pleats and delicate lace to pops to bold eclectic prints, it’s no wonder fans flocked from all over the world or waited online for live runway updates from their favorite designers. These collections were applauded, these designers made headlines and these pieces got great reviews. Click through the sliders of our 5 favorite designers from NYFW below!   
She is called the grande dame of fashion and New York elegance for a reason. Carolina Herrera’s Spring 2016 collection was ultra-feminine with ensembles fit for true fashion icons whose influence surpass the decades. Although Herrera always stays true to her aesthetic, she’s not one to shy away from advances in technology; her eyes and ears are peeled to know what these could mean for the world of fashion. Her Spring 2016 collection featured a lot of modern treatments on timeless pieces, the marrying of different textures and fabric to create looks that were dreamy yet sharp, classical but modern.
Erdem Spring 2016 is dark but delicate. The Victorian trend from Fall 2015 evidently carried over to this collection but featured a lively twist: striking colors evident in embroidered florals and lace details spread across the pale, dramatic collection. As with all Erdem shows, Erdem Moralıoğlu knows how to set the tone of every showcase. “It was about prairie madness,” he told Vogue Runway. “In 1862, Abraham Lincoln passed the Homestead Act, which gave single women and widows the right to their own plots of land in the West, as long as they stayed there for five years. So there were all these women coming from their homes in Europe, bringing their clothes and the remnants of their lives in Norway and Germany and places like that—and they started to suffer from agoraphobia and all kinds of psychological illnesses.”
Riccardo Tisci has made headlines and raised eyebrows since deciding to hop on the Kardashian bandwagon. From choosing to dress “the Wests” (while rejecting other stars) to appearing on the cover of Sorbet Magazine with Kim K., it seems this bold move continues to garner an ample amount of media attention. As if to keep people on their toes, Tisci brought his Givenchy Spring 2016 show to New York this year. A lot of hype and rumors surrounded the highly anticipated show. However, like the class act Tisci is, Givenchy paid paid homage to lives lost at 9/11 instead of creating a spectacle for art’s sake. Coinciding with the 9/11 anniversary and with the help with performance artist Marina Abramovic, Tisci had show goers watch the sunset across the Hudson. Audiences sat and watched and contemplated as their meditation was accompanied by Abramovic’s performers.
Marc Jacobs closed out the Spring 2016 show at New York and he did so with a bang. It wasn’t just a fashion show, but an enormous production. Held in the Zeigfeld theater, the Marc Jacob show included old holywood cinema concessions, a custom “One Night Only!” marquee, a Marc Jacobs playbill and a long red carpet for guests and the models to use as a runway. Each look at the fashion show was, well, a lot of look; and there was so much to process in one go, but that’s the Marc Jacobs the industry has always known and loved. There were embellished denim separates, sequinned accents, chunky carwash pleats and varsity jackets. The entire collection was a celebration of red, white, blue and all things that sparkled.
Trendsetter and jet-setter Victoria Beckham knows not to let inspiration go to waste when it strikes. And for Spring 2016, it was travel that captivated her the most. “I’ve lived in L.A., we have the show here in New York, and now obviously we’re back in London,” Victoria told Vogue Runway, “so I guess I’ve figured it out from that. There are subliminal things in here, like the surf prints, but this collection is more about attitude and just making things fresh and carefree.” The collection was all about fluidity and sophistication. Uncomplicated silhouettes, a new take on gingham, relaxed yet structured jackets and clean lines: this is Victoria Beckham’s coming of age.   RELATED STORIES: MEGAstyle Picks: Our Favorite Designers from London Fashion Week for Spring 2016 MEGAstyle Picks: Our Favorite Designers from Milan Fashion Week for Spring 2016   Connect with! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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