Megastyle Webzine February 2017: Mayton Eugenio

It’s about time multi-talented performer Mayton Eugenio asserts her claim to stardom. With a Los Angeles dance background and serious acting chops, the 23-year-old starlet proves that any dream is within reach if you want it enough (and if you’ve got talent oozing out of your pores). Here, Mayton gushes about her two main passions, and how compromising one for the other was never an option.

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What do you do?

I’m an actress and a performer for Viva Entertainment.

How did you start in the industry?

It all started with dance. I grew up in a family of dancers while my mom is a choreographer. I was a kid when I started taking dance lessons and now I’m here.

What kinds of dance do you do?

I’m exposed to all sorts of dance. It was when I traveled to Los Angeles that I fell in love with hiphop.

You resemble the dancer Chachi Gonzalez. Has anyone told you that?

You’re probably the nth person who has said that. *Laughs* She’s a really good dancer.

Is she your idol?

She was before when I was younger.

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How do you stay inspired to dance?

Back when I lived in California, I would look up dancers on Instagram and Youtube to watch videos. Dance changes everyday and I like keeping myself updated with what’s new.

How does dance affect your acting career?

I tried dabbling in both fields at the same time. At first I was really confused because acting wasn’t my main focus. But when I got into it, I fell in love with the medium too.

What acting projects have you done?

I’ve done a bunch of drama series in GMA-7 where I got to work with veteran actors like Jaclyn Jose and Bobby Andrews who really take their craft seriously.

What was the best thing about learning from these acting legends?

It was seeing them at their element and seeing the respect they have for the art form – this really drove me to really to work on my acting too.

What would you want to pursue more, acting or dancing?

Both definitely. Each gives me a different kind of fulfilment.

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How would you describe your typical day?

It’s really hectic but it used to be more stressful when I was still studying. I finished a culinary course in Center For Asian Culinary Studies. So I’d be acting, dancing and cooking! *laughs*

What is the biggest challenge you are facing now?

I think the challenge for me is for putting myself out there as not just as a dancer but as an actress too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to prove myself to anyone, it’s more of self-fulfilment in knowing I can do all the things I’m passionate about.

Does your dancing translate to how you dress?

Absolutely. I dance a lot so I prefer to wear comfy clothes. I can go all day in a loose sweater, jeans and sneakers. I’m a sneakerhead.

How would you describe your style?

My everyday style is comfy and fun.

What’s your usual outfit formula?

On a normal day, I’m wearing a basic tee, ripped jeans and sneakers. Most days I find myself wearing all H&M. *laughs*

What’s the best thing about shopping at H&M?

Shopping there is a dream. You go in and you’ll always come out with something you’re happy with. Name any occasion and H&M has something for you. [For Mayton’s style tips and more H&M Fashion Inspo, click here.]

What’s your favorite piece from H&M?

I love the sweaters in H&M. I’m always in knitwear in the dance studio and the fit of H&M pieces always remains unlike other brands, which shrink!

What is one piece of clothing you can never be without?

Jackets. I’m a fan of H&M leather jackets in particular since they have outerwear that aren’t hot.

Any tips you’d like to share to the girls who look up to you?

Never be afraid to be different. Good-different though! Express yourself in ways that are true to yourself and to what makes you feel good inside, even if it’s not mainstream or what’s “in”.

Story | Louise Sicat
Photography | Johanne Dalogdog
Assistant Photographer | Franco Hosena
Styling | Raizel Dy
Hair | Everlyn Galab of Maquillage Professionnel
Makeup | Etine Bautista

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