MEGAstyle Webzine February 2017: Tricia Centenera

MEGAstyle Webzine February 2017: Tricia Centenera
MEGAstyle Webzine February 2017: Tricia Centenera
February cover girl-boss Tricia Centenera fights tooth and nail to become stronger, wiser, and ten times sexier. Not one to play a damsel-in-distress, the spunky Aussie-Filipina powers through with help from her faith, family, and her newfound love for army-worthy workouts. With a modeling and hosting pedigree, influencing power via her fashion-and-lifestyle blog, and blossoming businesses to boot — the world, really, is Tricia’s oyster. Get inspired by her story of unimaginable strength, and read on to learn how she did it.
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What’s a normal day in your life? Goodness! I do several things in a day. I’m jumping from place to place. I can be at a hosting event, or a shoot, or in a meeting. I also try to exercise at least three times a week. Have you always been in the media industry? No. I was a professional dancer in Australia. I used to tour in cabaret shows. Then I moved here in 2011. Can you speak Filipino? Not really. Like a 2-year-old probably. I can get by [laughs]. What made you want to become a personality here in the Philippines? It just kind of happened. It came from being a host for the different lifestyle channels. Then more people started following me and asking me questions about fashion, beauty, what have you. That’s when I decided to start my blog. What is your best accomplishment thus far? Before, I met a car accident where I shattered my pelvis and broke my hip, and my neck. I had to learn how to walk again. I was 25.
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How did you overcome the aftermath of the accident? The doctors told me that I was going to be a paraplegic and I wouldn’t have it. I was able to get myself to walk in 4 months. 5 years later, I came back to Manila and started dancing again. That’s amazing! Any insights from the experience? The one thing that I refused to let my condition do is to make me a victim. I was never going to use it as an excuse to not do anything. You’ve come a long way. Would you say you’re living the dream now? Well last year was a really tough year–I went through a divorce. Things have happened and I’ve accepted that. This year, yes –this is going to be the year. So far, 2017 has been great especially with what I’ve found out about myself after going through something like that. Any thoughts with your newfound independence? I’ve come to realize that you don’t need a husband to do all these things for you, you can really do them for yourself. So now, I’m being the best husband and boyfriend to myself. I think that’s my advocacy to all women–to let them know that you can do things on your own, no man needed.
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What are you looking for in a man now? More than anything I’m looking for a man who loves Jesus more than I do [laughs]. Who is one person you look up to? One of my main girls in fashion, hosting, and basically passion for life is Joey Mead-King. She is  a woman who empowers other women and I admire her strong advocacy for animal welfare as well. What is your main coping mechanism? I exercise a lot. I have a boxing trainer that makes my life amazing. I also do F45 which is an intense circuit exercise. I have a weights trainer too that I juggle with 5km runs. What are your current projects now? I have had a lot of followers–both men and women–write to me about how I got over it all. I try to share my story through a podcast and motivational talks in my church. It’s really my faith that has gotten me through everything and has given me the strength to go back into the industry. Has your style changed in your blog? Not really. I would say my style is easy and sophisticated. [For tips on Tricia’s easy-sophisticated style, click here.] What do you look for when shopping? If it looks good and the quality is there, then great! With the big fashion powerhouses, H&M is where I buy my basicwear. What are your favorite pieces from H&M? Their basic tees and tops. Grey t-shirts with different necklines are one of my essentials. Fashion essentials? My fashion essentials are also my travel essentials. These are denim shorts, grey t-shirt, black blazer, and beige shoes. [For tips on Tricia’s casual style and more H&M Fashion Inspo, click here.] What is your go-to outfit formula? I pretty much stick to black, grey, and beige shoes. How do you decide on an outfit before heading out? I’m a mood dresser. My outfits are a reflection of what I feel that day. What is your golden rule with styling? Be true to your own style. ~    


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