Men Are Taking Advantage of This App That “Exposes” Women Without Makeup

One of the many things that women are shamed for is putting on makeup. While comments such as “You’d look better without makeup” might not always mean any harm, there are guys who assume that every woman wants to cover up their natural appearance.

Enter MakeApp, the app that claims to “add or remove makeup from any face.”


Recently, guys have been using this app to prove that makeup enthusiasts are “liars”. As seen on the app’s reviews, boys (they certainly aren’t men, are they?) shared that no woman can escape now because of the app. One even called it a “game changer.”

Bella Thorne

What these boys fail to understand is that women use makeup for different reasons: to have fun, to enhance their appearance, or even to empower themselves. There’s definitely more to this list, as this is a personal experience for every woman and for men who use makeup as well.

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