4 Shocking Beauty Trends That Made Us Rethink Our Beauty Routine


Ultra-flushed cheeks, bright colored lids, and graphic cat-eyes–there’s no better time than the annual MET gala to let loose with beauty. With this year’s theme dedicated to Rei Kawakubo of Commes des Garçons, celebs opted for bolder, more daring, and more dramatic looks, where Rihanna reigned supreme with her bold fuschia flush. Clearly, the fashion on the red carpet wasn’t the only avant-garde we’ve seen.

Shake up your beauty routine with these striking looks:

1. Color Shock

Bring the party to your eyes. A pop of color on your lids evokes an energetic vibe that instantly makes you party-ready. Depending on how bold and daring you’re feeling, you can keep it in a thin streak like Emily Ratajkowski’s emerald green eyes or go for a full-on color wash on your lids like Selena Gomez‘s electric pink eyes. It’s all about having a bold element on clean skin!


2. Blush Bomb

Bring on the blush! Rihanna took Spring’s coveted look to the red carpet: ultra-flushed cheeks. The trick is to work your way up from the cheek towards the temples. While we’re not expecting you to try Rihanna’s avant-garde look, you can tone it down for a normal day and it will still give you that eye-catching flush.


3. Graphic Liner

Minor tweaks in your beauty routine can really make a difference. Instead of going for your traditional cat-eye, continue the line down about half-way towards the outer corners of your lower lash line to steal Hailee Steinfeld’s look. Or, if you want to take it up a notch, try the negative space eyeliner trend (find out how to achieve it here) that Gigi Hadid recently approved of. A bold graphic liner naturally gives you that tough, carefree gal vibe.


    In-article images: Yahoo | Fashionista | Harper’s Bazaar

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