Must-Try: Poke Poke’s Latest Menu Additions Has Something For Everyone

Ever since it launched in Manila last year, leading Hawaiian/Asian Fusion fast food restaurant Poke Poke has won the hearts (and stomachs) of Filipinos. Individuals who are transitioning to healthier meals can find fresh and adventurous dishes in Poke Poke, thanks to its flexible menu. Having good news to its fans, the restaurant is releasing two brand new lines to its menu, the Sexy Bowls and the Spam Musubi.

Sexy Bowls

Metabolic Charger Bowl: Quinoa, pan seared tuna, mixed greens, spring onion, peppers, salt & pepper, pickled ginger, pineapple, special dressing + Metabolic Charger Juice from Sexy Beast Juice
Fat Flush Bowl: pan seared salmon, cucumber, seaweed, mixed greens, ripe mango, pickled ginger, special dressing + Fat Flush Juice
Endurance Bowl: Mixed greens, tuna, pickled ginger, mixed peppers, fried garlic, cucumber, sesame oil, seaweed, salt and pepper, special dressing + Endurance Booster Juice from Sexy Beast Juice
This new line has something for anyone who’s looking for a guilt-free treat, as it features three new bowls. One being the Fat Flush Sexy Bowl, which features pan-seared salmon served on a bed of fresh greens, mango, cucumber, ginger, and seaweed. Meanwhile, Endurance Sexy Bowl is a mix of fresh tuna flavored with pickled ginger, bell peppers, fried garlic and cucumber, and served on a similar bed of greens. Lastly, the Metabolic Charger Sexy Bowl consists of tuna and fresh cuts of pomelo on top of mixed greens and vegetables. All three bowls are paired with a bottle of Sexy Beast cold-pressed juice.

Spam Musubi

Taking inspiration from the Musubi, a Hawaiian classic inspired by sushi, the Spam Musubi consists of a thick cut of spam placed above a block of soft rice and then wrapped with a strip of nori. For those looking for a different flavor, the dish is also available with Spam Teriyaki! Whether you want to fuel your body before a workout or if you want something along the lines of a cheat meal, you’ll definitely find something to treat yourself to in Poke Poke. Photos from Nolisoli | PokePoke | SexyBeast

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