Nadine Lustre Shows Us How To Up Our Instagram Game

Nadine Lustre Shows Us How To Up Our Instagram Game If there’s any celebrity giving us major #feedgoals, it’s probably Nadine Lustre. Aside from her talent, looks, and star power, Nadine has serious skills in feed-curating. Really, it’s a feast for the eyes. Check out her tricks on how to achieve that flawless IG feed:

1. Color-coordination

It’s all about coordinating the next photo to the one beside it. Although Nadine doesn’t use only one shade for her entire feed, she makes sure that the photos beside each other have similar hues.

2. Good lighting

Nadine pays attention to the lighting in her photos. This brings out the details in her pictures– leaving her with crisp and clean shots. If you just can’t get good lighting in the moment, don’t hesitate to pull up the brightness for a brighter feed (and a brighter life)!


3. Make sure your photos have good resolution

To achieve a clean and polished visual diary, Nadine also makes sure that each photo is of good quality. There’s no room for graininess or blurry shots.

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