The New Wave of Online Shops to Follow on Instagram

Shopaholics, beware. We round up a fresh list of online shops to set your next splurging spree into action.
by Cessi Treñas, Art by Alexandra Lara swimsuits online shops-megastyle-megastyleph-opener The Multiply generation (we know, ancient) taught us the boundless possibilities of online commerce, while the first wave of Instagram shops proved the dangerous simplicity of purchasing garments in a snap. While veteran Instagram shops continue their reign over the Philippines’ young style aficionados, the next wave of brands takes root. Read through to see our list of new online shops to keep on your radar!
beetrootph-megastyle-megastyleph On the surface, there’s plenty to love about Beetroot–breathable clothing, reasonable prices, their extensive yet curated selection of monochrome bralettes–but the brand’s best trait goes beyond mere selling points. Completely understanding of our hubadera tendencies, Beetroot understands and respects sexiness. “Sexy is an energy. The embodiment of innate beauty,” their website reads. “It’s effortless confidence. Audacious passion. Authenticity.” And really, if that’s not enough encouragement to push us to buy a lace-trimmed bralette, then what is?
negritasph-megastyle-megastyleph A quick trip to the Negritas Instagram account promises beautiful suits, lace-up details and plenty of tasteful skin exposure. But as a new player on the swimwear scene, Negritas delivers more than just flattering cuts (although they’ve got plenty of those, too). Padded, fully or double-lined and made of thick, durable material, these swimsuits are a crossroads of style and practicality.
sandy cheeks-megastyle-megastyleph Andi Eigenmann in a bathing suit, untouched by the infamous crosshair of everyone’s favorite Photoshop tool? We’re all for it. Serving up diverse suit styles, side boob and candy colors aplenty, Sandy Cheeks is out to resurrect our pastel-colored Instagram goals.
carisse-megastyle-megastyleph A name familiar to anyone with a long-standing relationship with local online shopping, Carisse has established itself as one of the go-to brands for summery clothing perfect for withstanding the Philippine heat. While the brand has undoubtedly made a name for itself with its bestselling off-shoulder cuts, Carisse has thrown itself back in the limelight with its newest pursuit: swimwear.
anika-megastyle-megastyleph “Understated is underrated,” claims womenswear brand Anika on their Instagram description. As chronic minimalists who find comfort in our ageless blacks, crisp whites, and unfussy silhouettes on the daily, we could not agree more. Offering a distinct, weather-friendly breed of casual-cool style, designer Anika Martirez’s eponymous brand is coming to gain well-deserved traction.
weave-megastyle-megastyleph With a feed of outfit photos we would double-tap any day; Weave is a new frontrunner on the local online shopping scene. Tailored and timeless, we covet the brand’s contemporary take on effortless dressing. After all, is there anyone who hasn’t once wanted a structured vest, a gratifying jumpsuit or a third pair of culottes to add to their collection?
wearmuzi-megastyle-megastyleph Everybody loves an all-rounder, which may be the reason behind local brand Muzi’s gradual rise to virtual fame. Building their brand on a firm foundation of beach bum to city chic pieces in neutrals, reds and plum shades, these affordable, multi-tasking garments have received love from bloggers and casual stylephiles alike.      

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