Not Sure What to Eat? Check Out This New Food Hall in the South!

h3 We all have those days where we get indecisive about what and where to eat. Luckily for those who live in the south (and for those planning to visit), there is a new food hall that you and your friends will want to try, especially if you consider yourselves foodies! Located at Madison Galeries in Alabang Hills, The South District will surely satisfy any of your food cravings. Carrying seven stalls, The South District excites customers’ taste buds with new discoveries, as well as some of their familiar favorites.
chef t
Chef T
For meat lovers, there is Chef T, where one can get their hands on premium carvings and various sides. It’s easy to tell why the Roast Beef is their bestseller, as it is infused with a combination of herbs and spices.
01 jujueats
JuJu Eats
On the opposite end there is the familiar Juju Eats, where those who are more health-conscious can get their fill of salads, wraps, sandwiches and pasta dishes. Eating right has never been this easy!
02 dosbanditos
Dos Bandidos
Indulge yourself with Chef Luigi Mulach’s Dos Bandidos, where Filipino and Mexican flavors fuse together effortlessly. You’re definitely in for a surprise with dishes such as Aligue Shrimp and Lechon and the Crispy Adobo Flakes and Chorizo taco.
03 nolita
Opening their second branch, Nolita is already known for its New York-style pizza and sinful eats. Thankfully, those who live closer to this food hall no longer have to go all the way to the Fort just for a slice of quality pizza.
Bronx Fried Chicken
Bronx Fried Chicken is where chicken lovers can indulge in some of their comfort food favorites. They serve their mains in two flavors: their original Notorious and the beer-battered Brewsky.
04 tixmix
Tix Mix
Craving flavors that are a bit more exotic than the usual? Tix Mix is the perfect place for you. This stall serves Arabic, Indian and Persian dishes such as shawarma, falafels and hummus.
liquid luck
Liquid Luck
Compared to the other stalls in this food hall, Liquid Luck is a mini beverage bar that serves a variety of drinks that cater to everyone. The South District is located on the 4/F Madison Galeries, 398 Don Jesus Boulevard, Alabang Hills. Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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