Our 8 Favorite Pieces from this Thomas Sabo Collection

thomas_featured_image   We only have two seasons in the Philippines: the dry and the wet; and the only two reasons we care about all the other seasons are 1. Travel, and 2. Fashion. It’s mostly number 2, really. A new season means a new stunning collection to daydream about. Just like Thomas Sabo’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. The latest line is all about life’s most beautiful bonds, and Thomas Sabo’s Sales Director for Asia Lars Schmidt couldn’t have explained the beauty and richness of this season’s pieces better: “Through our range of thoughtfully crafted designs, we aim to not only highlight the beauty and intimacy of different bonds, but celebrate the reasons that make them special,” he said at the launch. You know us girls, we looove jewelry. Give us one and we’ll marry you. LOL, I’m kidding, we’re not that easy. But get us one of these and we’ll think about it.
  1. Karma Beads Bracelet


2. Spinning Coin Necklace


4. Glam & Soul Ear Jackets


5. Glam & Soul Classic Silver Bracelet


6. Prana Necklace


7. Prana Necklace


8. Ladies’ Watch


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