What You Missed In The ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere

Game Of Thrones It’s that time of the year again! Game of Thrones season 7 is finally here so grab your banners and prepare your faint hearts for some death, betrayal, and even more death. So, shall we begin? P.S. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, beware for spoilers ahead. To put you at ease though, no one has died yet. Well, no one important, anyway. 01-tvlinecom 1. Arya Stark is pretty much on the crazy side now (except not on Cersei levels). Killing an entire room of people, the Frays at that, was the perfect revenge for the Stark family. Poisoned wine? It may not be anything new, but it’s still effective. 02-popsugarcom 2. Of course, winter wouldn’t be here without the army of undead. Now, they also have the wildling giants added to their roster. The living definitely have to up their game. 03-radiotimescom 3. The squabble between Jon Snow and Sansa was nothing short of awkward. To be fair with Sansa, we would understand why she’d want to take away lands from families who sided with Ramsay–he was a horrible ex-boyfriend. 04-theaustraliancomau 4. The chemistry between Cersei and Jamie has changed ever since Cersei became a queen. You can just feel the tension when Jamie tries to talk about Tommen’s death, but Cersei’s all like, “Whatever. Let’s just rule this place by ourselves.” Clearly, she deserves the mother of the year award! 05-independentcouk 5. This season shows the more comedic side of Euron Greyjoy. Although he’s a very unlikable character, we have to give him points for trying to be funny. 06-vanityfaircom 6. Well, well, well. Finally, we saw the cameo we’ve all been waiting for! Ed Sheeran is now part of the Game of Thrones world. But then, Ed playing the role of a Lannister soldier has got us worried. With Arya hanging around him, who knows what can happen? However, his serenading skills may convince her not to kill him. thevergecom 7. I’m sure you got chills seeing Dany come back to Dragonstone. You can’t help but feel excited and nervous for her to have come this far. And that team behind her? We’re forever rooting for you, Daenarys! 08-timecom The best scene has to be of Tormund and Brienne. Tormund and his non-stop efforts of trying to woo Brienne has us all hoping for some bit of happiness in this series. But of course, when has that ever happened?   In-article images: TVline.com | PopSugar.com | RadioTimes.com | Pinterest

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