9 Tricks to Packing Like a (Fashion) Pro

9 Tricks to Travel Packing Like a (Fashion) Pro Traveling has become an art form. From the way you plan your itinerary, to the way you take photos, but most importantly, to the way you pack. You can’t lug around your whole life with you (though we commend the attempt), so you really have to master the packing game if you want enjoyable, hassle-free escapades. For short or long-haul flights, these 10 practical pointers will help.

1. Make a practical list

You can’t really trust your brain to remember everything you need to bring. Plus, a list filters out unnecessary (or redundant) things you might otherwise throw in your luggage because you were in a hurry. Most importantly, be honest with yourself about what you’re really going to be doing on your vacation–avoid packing for “what-if” scenarios.

9 Tricks to Packing Like a (Fashion) Pro

2. Stick to the 1-2-3-4-5 rule

This is really arbitrary, and you get to decide which items you need the most. But once you create your own 1-5 rule, stick to it. A practical sample list would be:

1 hat/scarf (depending on the weather), 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of bottoms, 4 tops, 5 sets of underwear.

9 Tricks to Packing Like a (Fashion) Pro

3. Decide on a color palette or theme

If you stick to a specific palette (only neutrals or only bolds, for instance) or a theme (subdued classics or athleisure, for example), you’ll find it much easier to bring only what you need. Mixing and matching key pieces and shoes from your chosen palette or theme will expand your suitcase mileage.

9 Tricks to Packing Like a (Fashion) Pro

4. Start with the right luggage

It’s time to retire your trusty old bulky luggage with the broken zippers. Modern luggage designs have divided sections for easier organizing, 360-degree wheels, compression straps, and lightweight materials that won’t give you back pain. This TUMI 19-degree aluminum luggage is both chic, compact, and sturdy.

5. Organize clothes according to activity

Use smaller bags/packing organizers within your suitcase to arrange clothes by use: fine dining kit, exercising kit, swimming kit, lounging kit, walking-around-the-city kit, just to name some.

9 Tricks to Packing Like a (Fashion) Pro

6. Big, heavy items should go at the bottom

Shoes, jeans, heavy coats should go at the bottom–it makes looking for stuff inside your suitcase easier because you don’t have to dig through, and prevents wrinkles on lighter items.

9 Tricks to Packing Like a (Fashion) Pro

7. Do the military roll For shirts, jeans, casual clothes, and cotton anything, the rolling method saves space and makes it so much easier for you (because who loves folding clothes?).

9 Tricks to Packing Like a (Fashion) Pro

8. Bring a compact travel makeup kit

An extensive, but oh-so-small, travel kit is your best friend. Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme, Chanel–take your pick, everybody’s making these little babies.

9. Wear big, heavy items on the plane

Finally, wear your bulkiest shoes and coats onboard. Not only will you save precious luggage space, you’ll also look like a celebrity at the airport.

9 Tricks to Packing Like a (Fashion) Pro

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