PARIS FASHION WEEK 2017 EXCLUSIVE: This Is How ‘Real’ Beauty Is Done

The Look

Makeup Artist: Alex Box

Makeup artist Alex Box understands the schedule of the woman today. Together with Veronique Leroy, they opted for a destroyed look characterized by makeup that has been lived in for hours. The look is unfiltered beauty at its finest: dark eyes and imperfect, broken and corrupted. “I want the girls to look like they did their makeup by themselves. It is reality makeup,” Box reiterates. The dark look is created using MAC Semi-Sweet Times Nine in Pink Sienna and Persuade for the inner eye and Solar Glow Times Nine in Cosmic, Lunar Cycle and Soot all blended together over the eyelid. The perfect dirty under eye is achieved using Technakohl Liner in Clay. “I wanted the girls to look as if they were joining a cult,” Box finishes. Anchor-v-leroy-2081-ss17-pw_72dpi face-chart-IMG_1481
MAC Essentials
products-IMG_1498 Face: Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer, MAC Make-up Art Cosmetics Enhance Me Casual Color x 6 in Contrary, Trend Forecast Spring 17/Eye in Ro Ro Rosy Eyes: Semi-Sweet Times Nine in Pink Sienna and Persuade, Solar Glow Times Nine in Cosmic, Lunar Cycle and Soot, Technakohl Liner in Clay Lips: Lipstick in Chatterbox and Syrup IMG_1475_L7A0886 Pair It With Denim, purple and cinch your look at the waist. Leroy’s destroyed makeup look pairs nicely with knits juxtaposed with everyone’s go-to fabric replacing blue instead for gunmetal and gray. Oversized shoulders and slouchy trousers are a match especially when topped off with an extra thick belt also in metallic. Unconventional pair always makes for a unique look, try this color story with beige declares Leroy.  

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