Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015: Primer

philippine-fashion-week-SS-15-primer It is on. Well, at least it is going to be. Bring out your crop tops, clutches and club masters because Philippine Fashion Week (end) is here. The organizers are shaking things up a little by trimming down the already jam packed 5 days to a hectic 3. Lord, have mercy on our chic souls because this is going to be intense. We know that Philippine Fashion Week is a time for preconceived notions of fashion extravagance and creative genius to be fulfilled but we do worry a little because as fabulous as it sounds, there is a lot of work to be done. Now, don’t get us wrong. We are extremely excited to see the halls of the SMX transformed into a center of creation where the most talented designers will showcase their unprecedented talent. We just have to warm up, that’s all and we think you should too. what-to-wear-philippine-fashion-week-primer Preparing your outfits for this action packed weekend is not going to be a joke and you definitely don’t want to look like one either. So from the bottom of our hearts, we offer you our undivided attention and unsolicited (but needed) advice.

Fit In

Stand Out

Stay Comfy

who-they-are-philippine-fashion-week-primer Not knowing the designers  is like going to your favorite broadway show not knowing every single note and key. DON’T BE THAT PERSON. If you claim to love fashion then like everything else, you have to do your research. Well, it’s your lucky day because we’ve done it for you.

Arnold Galang

Cherry Samuya Veric

Eric Delos Santos

Jeffrey Rogador

Jerome Salaya Ang

Jun-Jun Cambe for EsAc

Lyle Ibanez for EsAc

Nardie Presa

Pat Santos

Sidney Perez Sio

Forever 21


Uno De 50





What To Bring

What To Do

We hope that this virtual prep kit has helped you even a little. See you all tomorrow or make sure to stay tuned to because we will have your real time coverage from start to finish. Written by: Francesca Atendido Art by: Patricia Co