Pirelli’s “Alice In Wonderland” Calendar Features An All-Black Cast

pirelli-calendar-2018-sean-diddy-combs-naomi-campbell-day06-04142 Pirelli has come a long way with its annual calendar’s direction. Departing from male-targeted, nude calendars, it now contributes to a reformist shift. Last year, it was an emotionally-charged, all-women shoot with Peter Lindbergh where big stars get up close and personal–unretouched and without a trace of makeup. The concept shoved away conventional beauty standards and portrayals of women in the media. For 2018, the calendar recognizes cultural progression with an entirely all-black cast featuring Naomi Campbell, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Djimon Honsou, Lupita Nyong’o, RuPaul, American Honey’s Sasha Lane, models Duckie Thot, Thando Hopa, and Adwoa Aboah to name a few. Tim Walker shoots a chimerical depiction of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ styled by the newly-appointed British Vogue Editor-In-Chief Edward Enninful. Pirelli Calendar Cast pirelli-calendar-2018-rupaul-day05-03065 pirelli-calendar-2018-adwoa-aboah-day05-02101 “Inclusivity is more part of the conversation than it has ever been before, but it goes far beyond black and white. It is about all creeds, all colors, all sizes and people just living their truths. A lot of this is about digital giving people voices, and a new generation who refuse to compromise and want answers to the questions that matter to them.”, Mr. Enninful explains. “Given the state of the world we live in, sometimes I think we all feel like we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.” The cast surely was the greatest part of this modern interpretation of Alice In Wonderland with Duckie as Alice, RuPaul as the Queen of Hearts, Diddy and Naomi as the royal beheaders, and Adwoa as Tweedledee, among others. Each of them perfectly fitted the characters from the tale. pirelli-calendar-2018-duckie-thot-slick-woods-sasha-lane-tim-walker-day06-01696 pirelli-calendar-2018-duckie-thot-day04-06791 This year’s calendar truly is more than just another; it’s a contribution to the advancement of social views with its representation of people of color, done in such a beautifully grand manner. pirelli-calendar-2018-sasha-lane-lupita-nyongo-day06-01816 pirelli-calendar-2018-slick-woods-day05-01413 pirelli-calendar-2018-jaha-dukureh-duckie-thot-day04-07304 Thando Hopa perfectly elaborates what the concept means to her, “When I was young, I didn’t have a single role model who looked like me, who could have been a source of inspiration or motivation,” she tells. “I wanted to expand other people’s imaginations by not letting them be restricted to specific narratives. Any girl should be able to have a sense that they, too, can be a heroine in their own fairy tale. If Alice looks differently here, then Alice can be anybody. Your value comes from far more than the narrative that someone else gives you. I hope that when the calendar goes live, people are able to see the intention behind this. It was a unifying effort.” In-article images: Vogue

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