Playing Favorites with Sharina Gutierrez

Filipina model Sharina Gutierrez talks music, Snapchat and surviving the unofficial sport of modeling
by Cessi Treñas, Art by Alexandra Lara, Special Thanks to Richie Keo of DNA Models
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Sharina Gutierrez is a shapeshifter. While the New York-based Filipina model easily travels from Spring-worthy looks to the street-ready, cool girl side of the spectrum for fashion shows and campaigns, in between camera flashes and photo shoots, she returns to her core persona: a self-proclaimed nerd. In an exclusive interview with MEGAstyle, the upcoming model-of-the-moment dishes on her favorite things, experimental style and oddball quirks.   sharina gutierrez-megastyle-megastyleph Which fashion show this season did you enjoy walking for most? Phillip Lim, was my favorite show this season. I felt so honored to walk for such an amazing talented man with such an amazing heart. Who is the designer you dream of walking for? There is not one particular designer I would dream of walking for because I have so many favorites. I would love to walk Celine, Prada, Gucci, Givenchy… The list goes on! Hustling from show to show or from one photo shoot to another is a sport in itself! What are your key tips to surviving Fashion Week or modeling in general? Key tips for myself in surviving modeling is to take one day at a time: take it step by step and never let my mind get overwhelmed by the schedule ahead of me. [To remember] that I can only do my best and if my best is not enough that day… to get back up again and try better the next day. Also, to set alarms on my phone for everything. At 5:30am, wake up. At 6:00am, I’d better be dressed. At 6:15am, get your ass out the door, haha. Who is your ultimate style icon? I don’t really have a style “icon.” I love certain things people wear, and how they have the confidence to pull things off that I would probably never be able to. But I’ve never loved someone for what they wear everyday. To be honest, I love my own style. You were recently featured on a New York Fashion Week Street Style post! What is your ultimate style essential? I believe my style changes everyday. I consider it unique. I’m not afraid to mix and layer, so I do not have a particular essential. As of lately, I do not walk out of the door without wearing something Phillip Lim and Stampd by Chris Stamp. They compliment each other so well. I can do the relaxed tomboy look, but I can also rock a banging dress and love to wear suits. Costume National has some of my favorite suits for women. My everyday go-to brands are Acne, Prada, Costume National, Phillip Lim, Proenza, Margiela, Stampd and Adidas. I have basics I wear everyday but I love to put different designers together. My style is spontaneous and fun; it’s not a uniform–it’s just different… Or at least that is what I believe! What is one thing most people don’t know about you? What people may not know about me is that I am a HUGE… nerd. I think I am serious maybe 95% of the time. I talk funny. I have different characters, faces and tones that just come out of me randomly. I may look really serious at times but I really am far from [that]. I love to smile, laugh and am all about good vibes. Oh, and I can also dance–and not just in-the-shower type of dancing. Actual hip-hop in the middle of a dance floor busting a move dancing, haha. I know, it’s hard to believe.  
The beach or the city?  Beach for sure! Sand, sun, and the ocean–it’s the perfect combination! Morning person or night person? Both, I’m just happy all the time. Lace or leather? Leather. Rock or RnB? RnB for sure… I’m a 90s RnB fan. SWV’s Right Here and Monica’s Don’t Take It Personal are a few of my faves. Instagram or Snapchat? I loved Instagram. It was so entertaining, until I was introduced to Snapchat and was convinced by others that I needed to get it… I kind of-sort of love it. It’s pure entertainment!   Follow Sharina on Instagram and Snapchat (@itssharinag)! Like, follow or add MEGAstyle on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and add us on Snapchat (megastyleph)!

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