3 Basic Rules to Plumping Up Your Lips Like a Pro

lips_featured_image Soft, plump lips are a sign of youth and femininity. The bigger the lip, the smaller the rest of the face looks. Big lips make you look friendlier and more open–ever notice how thin and pale lips make a woman look masculine (and even angry)? Just look at the before and after photos of lip queen Kylie Jenner. Painting lips is the first thing we did as 5-year-olds sneaking in mom’s room. It was fun then, and it will always be. You can wear a bare face with only lipstick and still look well put together. Beauty vlogger Desi Perkins shows us how to perfect the big lip with this bold fuschia.
1. Do not overline everywhere.
We’re avoiding duckface here. Use lip liner to overline only at the center of your lip. Raise up and define your cupid’s bow, and fatten up your lower lip subtly by overlining in the middle.
2. Fill up the overline gaps with lip liner, not lipstick.
Crayon over your skin with the lip liner. If you color over with lipstick and it smudges off, your false lip shape will be very noticeable.
3. Use matte liquid lipstick.
This is why Kylie Lip Kits are selling like crazy. We instinctively think of gloss to plump up lips–and yes, Kylie also sells gloss–but matte formulas blend in very well with your lip liner. Also, liquid formulas not only last forever (through the wine and the pasta and the kisses), it’s also easier to work with.

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