Sarah Jessica Parker gives The SM Store her seal of approval

It was one of the grandest entrances Manila has ever seen — Red carpet was laid on the floor, cameras flashed all around and body guards positioned themselves as a human barriers, it was an entry made for a star. All eyes were on SM Aura’s closed doors and guests were squeezing in to catch at least a glimpse of the international style icon Sarah Jessica Parker. As the host shouted “the one and only SJP, Sarah Jessica Parker!“, the distingué VIPs of the metro turned into roaring fans. Photographers and body guards positioned themselves around SJP, and everyone else went into a slight frenzy. Amidst all that, the Sex and The City star remained calm and poised. 6

SJP wore a black figure-flattering floor length gown



SJP and the whole entourage made their way to The SM Store (formerly SM Department Store). Here she met Mr. Eugene Saw, Vice President of SM’s shoe and bag brand Parisian. Mr. Saw introduced Parisian to the style star and talked about the brand being one of the most popular local shoe brands in the Philippines. After that, crowd gathered around the two VIPs as a quick photo opportunity ensued.

1 2 The day before the launch, SJP had quite a day of photo shoots and meetings with some of Manila’s best fashion designers. Rajo Laurel and Janina Dizon were some of the designers who presented their own creations for her. “How would I critique Philippine fashion? First of all, I wouldn’t. I’ve loved seeing all the women. You all look amazing and different,” said Sarah Jessica Parker during the media press conference held that same day.”I love walking the streets of New York and seeing people of different shapes and sizes. Or today, just driving around. Your city is so alive,” she adds.


Love to Shop – One of SJP’s SM campaigns

SJP has become synonymous to a luxurious lifestyle and fashion, thanks to her Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw. “She’s bolder than I am. It was like living an alternate life for 13 years,” she quips. On dressing up, she advises: “Don’t worry too much about what somebody looks like or what they’re wearing. Walk out the door feeling like yourself. That’s what makes a person feel best.”


The directors behind The SM Store have truly made a wonderful choice in having Sarah Jessica Parker as their new face. SJP has not only given the three-level, 5,590-square-meter mall’s main department, The SM Store, her seal of approval but has also generously donated $100,000 to the SM Foundation for the benefit of the underprivileged of Taguig.


SM Aura Premier exudes high-end when compared to the 42 other SM malls. With liberal store cuts per brand (Forever 21 and Uniqlo have two floors), modern graphics, high ceilings, and more open spaces, the new SM mall by the New York Firm Point Design breathes upscale. The fine finish? Having SJP fly in to cut the ribbons.

“What makes Manila a fashion destination? Well this store [referring to The SM Store].” – Sarah Jessica Parker

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