7 Self-Improvement Tips to Take Advantage of a Long Break

sdfsdfds It’s Holy Week, and our spirits are about to get holy high. We’re ready to hit the beach, sightsee around the world, and party till we die. The only damper is the fact that it’s mercury retrograde too–yep, that twice-or-thrice-a-year trending phenomenon you see on your social media feed. Before we get all Madame Auring here, mercury retrograde is simply a 3-week period where the planet Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky. For astrology freaks, it means that everything related to travel, communication, relationships, and career somehow goes haywire. Misunderstandings abound, our “natural instincts” get a bit fuzzy, cellphones and laptops mysteriously get stolen or broken, steady relationships become unstable, and nothing goes as planned. As such, during the retrograde it is ill-advised to travel, start anything new, splurge on big-ticket items, sign contracts, or finalize relationships. It is advised, however, to take a step back and review your life. Mercury retrograde is a 3-week break from normal life, so to speak. Even if you don’t believe in this hocus-pocus stuff, these 5 things can make a long break more worthwhile.

1. Make a list of all your unfinished business, and finish them

Life can get too fast paced that our laundry list can pile up until we don’t know where to begin anymore. Before adding more to your to-do list, take this precious time out to backtrack and tick off what you’ve started.


2. Clean out (the skeletons in) your closet

You may have a hatchet to bury with a friend, an ex-lover, or a parent. You may have done something bad and the guilt is eating you up. If you are harboring any ill emotions, why don’t you try reaching out to clear the air? You may not even be consciously thinking about that person or situation, but those bad feelings can take a toll on your psyche even if you’re not aware of it.


3. Clean out your closet, literally

All that bad energy can pile up in your actual closet, too. Now is the perfect to give away everything you don’t even use anymore–old shoes, dated styles, useless trinkets–and organize your closet. Then wait until after the retrograde to buy what you truly need.


4. Consider thoroughly before starting anything new

Before you sign contracts, begin a new business venture, start or end a relationship, or resign from your current job, think things through 100 times over. Exhaust all options and possibilities, because you may have overlooked some aspects. Re-read all contracts, and re-read all potential friendships–make sure you’re not deciding on pure emotion.


5. Organize–and back up–all your files and data

Your photos and documents have been piling up all year. It’s time to organize them, delete the unnecessary, and back up the important ones. Your phones and computers are your best friends, and friends aren’t always reliable–they can crash, get stolen, or just plain die. If you’re not into old-school file-keeping, now is the perfect time to clean up your Instagram feed by deleting unwanted photos and preparing for your next killer posts.


6. Meditate

The retrograde or the long break is the perfect time for me-time. Do yoga, read a book, light some candles. Recharge your center so that when you venture out into the world again, you’re as strong and as balanced as you can be.


7. Improve your body

Since you’ll be sitting at home all day rejuvinating your spirit, what would it hurt to revamp your body too? Hit the gym, run, do squats, do crunches. Better yet, do a 3-day green detox! When the break’s over, your body will be as healthy as your soul.


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