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5 Years On: Together We Are Stronger Regenerating Fukushima On 11th March 2011, the people of Fukushima endured one of the world’s largest-ever earthquakes, devastating tsunami and the horror of nuclear disaster. Fukushima was the largest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986. The nuclear disaster created a situation where people in Fukushima faced evacuation, decontamination, rebuilding, economic recovery and alternative housing programmes. The need for information, psychosocial care and solidarity dealing with the stress of the radiation fears and the changes in their lives still continues today. People in Fukushima are fighting hard to regenerate. We are telling them they are not alone, because together we are stronger regenerating Fukushima. 5 years passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. Three products, “Tsunagaru Omoi soap”, “Nanohana (rapeseed flower) KNOT WRAP”, and “Cotton flower KNOT WRAP” that use ingredients from two organizations working on farmland, agriculture, and community regeneration of the region was launched in Japan to support the cause. 11th March 2016 marks the 5th year commemoration after the Great East Japan Earthquake. LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics launched 3 new products to support financial self-sustainability of the Fukushima prefecture where farmland regeneration rate is the lowest among the affected 3 prefectures. New products enable the 6th industry that includes consecutive process of cultivation, processing to merchandizing, as well as the products to use ingredients from 2 organizations that aim to regenerate affected agriculture, farmland, and community.  
“Tsunagaruomoi” / DROP OF HOPE / Soap

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“Tsunagaru Omoi (Japanese meaning is connecting heart)” soap uses rapeseed oil “Yuna-chan” that produced and extracted by Minamisoma Agriculture Regeneration Council in Minamisoma-city, Fukushima. The oil is abundant in moisturizing Omega fatty acid 3 and 6 to allow the soap to create rich and smooth foam. Moreover, Tofu, to soften skins while creating creamy texture, and moisture-retaining Shimeji mushroom are used in the soap. The rapeseed oil used in the soap is measured by detectors and radioactive material (irradiated caesium)-free. This is because rapeseed flowers have a function to absorb caesium in soils from its roots, but the caesium stays in rapeseed residue and does not transfer into the oil when extracting. This allows people to decontaminate the lands, regenerate the farmland and the regional communities. The consecutive process through cultivation, extraction and commercialization of product can also embed a new industry to the region as well as establishing its financial independence. Know more about “Minamisoma Agriculture Regeneration Council” at  
Cotton Flower Knot Wrap & Nanohana Knot Wrap
Inspired by Japanese Furoshiki-wrapping cloth, LUSH’s unique and environmentally-friendly wrapping “Knot Wrap” range were joined by 2 new “NANOHANA KNOT WRAP” and “COTTON FLOWER KNOT WRAP” that use organically produced Japanese native cotton by an organization “Iwaki Otento SUN” from Iwaki-city, Fukushima. In order to tackle a lack of cotton farming inheritors and increasing abandoned farmland issue as farmers dropped their works due to the disaster, a business union “Iwaki Otento SUN” was established to create a new agriculture and textile industry in Fukushima, vitalize the region and create jobs, and activate unused or abandoned farmland by cultivating, commercializing, and merchandizing seawater resilient Japanese native cotton. The business union conducts a thorough process of organic cotton production to merchandizing without pesticide and chemical fertilizer. It is aiming to regenerate affected and parted local community and farmland, and create jobs by new industries, leading the region to be financial self-sustainabile. Know more about “Iwaki Otento SUN” at  
#Tsunagaru Omoi Campaign
LUSH carried out “#Tsunagaru Omoi Campaign” at LUSH stores throughout Japan to deliver our “Omoi (heart)” to people who are continuously working on Fukushima’s restoration and financial independence in Fukushima. In the “#Tsunagaru Omoi Campaign”, people held yellow Nanohana (rapeseed flower) coloured heart photo-frame to take photos, and post them with “#つながるオモイ (Tsunagaru omoi)” or “#ForFukushima” on Instagram, then every posted heart will be connected.  
LUSH Japan’s Charity actions after the Great East Japan Earthquake
LUSH Japan Co., Ltd. have donated products to evacuation centers, involved volunteer actions, and aided over 120 projects on the Great East Japan Earthquake Restoration through our Hand & Body lotion ”New Charity Pot” that sales excluding VAT are donated to grass-roots organizations. Moreover, clay soap “FUN” was launched in 2012 worldwide, and a part of its sales was donated to over 30 projects that support children affected and can’t lead lives like before due to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster. In addition to those financial supports, LUSH Japan have started to source ingredients such as strawberries and potatoes to use in products from 8 new suppliers in earthquake and tsunami stricken Fukushima prefecture, Miyagi prefecture, and Iwate prefecture to support them financially independent after the earthquake. LUSH Japan will continue to help affected regions to be self-sustainable by consistent supports.   LUSH Japan keeps on donating to grass-roots organizations that support the affected regions and financial independence through the sales from “New Charity Pot” and partial sales from clay soap “FUN”. Please check more details on the aid through the link below.  


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