So How Can A Lazy Hoodie Look High-Fashion?

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 7.49.53 PM Gone are the days when pool slides are worn by the poolside, and tracksuits are only sported at gyms–fashion is definitely getting a lot more complex, and we love every single bit of it. What once were considered as a lazy day getup are now reimagined into a high-fashion staple. Along with sneakers and track pants, hoodies have been reigning the street style scene and it’s here to stay. Since fusing comfort and cool is important, we rounded up 3 ways on how you can add a chic flair to your hoodies like a true fashion girl.

1. Mix it with an elevated piece.


If there’s anything that the most stylish street style mavens have taught us, it would be this: a statement piece and a hoodie is an unexpected cool combo. Turn to voluminous flares like Man Repeller’s bell-bottom trousers to bring dimension to the shapeless fit of a hoodie. Tucking it in will add to the polished vibe too.

2. Offset a serious suit. 


A hoodie can take on a corporate flair that looks fashionably cool. This off-duty topper can loosen up a serious-looking ensemble like a pinstripe suit with ease.

3. Go for unexpected pairings. 


Gone are the days when your hoodies should only stick close to leggings or sweatpants. Once paired with an edgy night out-worthy dress and high-shine pink leather boots, the locker room staple will take you to places–you’d forget that it was a lazy item after all this time.

  In-article images: Who What Wear | Elle | Pinterest

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