So You’ve Quit Smoking: How to Reverse the Damage


We’re not here to tell you to quit puffing on that magic stick.

Because if you really wanted to, you’d have done it already. We’re not going to be that stranger who tells you what to do with your body. We understand the appeal of smoking–because we were worse than you. But we knew it’s time to stop when we looked in the mirror and told ourselves the five most painful words a woman can hear– “You ain’t hot no more.” So to all the ladies who have moved on (to new bad habits), here are steps you can take to reclaim the hotness smoking has robbed you of.
What it did to you: Stained your teeth to oblivion
Heroin chic
Heroin chic is so 1996
Smoking not only makes your mouth look bad, it also makes it smell bad. The hot guy you’re crushing on won’t wanna swap spit with a hot mess like you. Nicotine also causes a chemical reaction in your lips, making them darker and purplish. Which is perfect, because purple and yellow are complementary colors.
What you can do: Make peroxide your new best friend
Look for toothpastes that contain the ingredient. Once a week, use home whitening kits that are made of the stuff. I used to think home kits were scams (like everything on Home TV shopping), but they actually work. They use the same whitening ingredient — hydrogen peroxide — as in-clinic laser teeth whitening, but without the uncomfortable small talk with your dentist. Millions of people swear by Crest Whitestrips. 
At under Php 3,000, they’re still cheaper than your pack-a-day habit.
If stripping is not your thing, try the Dazzling White pen, also available online at under Php 700. This convenient, 10-minute-a-day pen really has great results. You have to smile for 10 minutes until the gel dries — your cheeks will hurt, but think of it as a bonus cure for your Resting Bitch Face.
What it did to you: Made your skin rougher and enlarged your pores
Gone are the days when it felt like a baby’s ass
Smoking restricts blood flow to cells, causing oxygen deprivation. Without oxygen, cells die. Smoking also releases free radicals — these bad boys steal electrons from cells. When that happens, cells die. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Our bodies naturally produce antioxidants, but they can’t keep up with the free radicals from your huffing and puffing. When cells die and don’t regenerate, you end up with old, dull skin. You could be in your early twenties, but if you’ve been smoking for almost a decade, chances are, you’ve seen 30-somethings with better skin than you.
What you can do: Exfoliate, Envelope, Enrich.
Exfoliate. By that, we don’t mean slough your face off with scrubs. The harshness will have the opposite effect — inflamed pores will look even bigger. Slather on these gentle acid exfoliants to speed up cell regeneration. Brand does not matter–it’s the active ingredient that does. Envelope in masks and moisturizers. You can buy clay masks, but eggs do a better job. Yep, eggs.
Chicks come from eggs.
Make it a habit to do 20-minute egg white masks to get back your poreless, smooth skin. Slather it on, let dry and sink in, then peel off. Why? Because egg whites are rich in collagen and protein, two things you’ve killed off in your Marlboro love affair. If egg whites remind you too much of where eggs come out of, skip it and just slather on a low-ph, non-alkaline moisturizer with SPF. Do not skip this step, because your skin will be drier and more sensitive from exfoliants.cetaphil-moisturizing-cream-566g-6849-9419903-1e1a33b5499dc9e03a52522ae177bfdc-webp-zoom Enrich. Catch up on your alphabet. But the two most important ones are Vitamins C & E. They are antioxidants–the number one battler of pesky free radicals. Snack on these foods (or take supplements if you can’t be bothered).
What it did to you: Turned your hair into straw
Is your hair extra-brittle? Well, smoking does to hair what it does to skin.
What you can do: Deep treatments + Deep nourishment.
Deep-treat your hair with eggs. Yeah, we like eggs.
But this time, just the yolk.
Beat 1/2 cup of egg yolks in a bowl, slather onto dry hair, and leave on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing off with cool water. Why? Because yolks are rich in protein and fats. You can also mix extra virgin olive oil to the eggs, or use olive oil alone.
Smells like pesto to me.
Deep-nourish your hair by taking in Biotin and Vitamin A. Biotin increases hair’s elasticity and protects against dryness. Hair loss is actually a sign of biotin deficiency. Vitamin A helps scalp produce sebum (oil), which keeps hair shiny and strong.
What it did to you: Tightened your blood vessels
download (3)
Let it flow.
This causes a lack of oxygen in cells, which is the root cause of all the ugliness you’re seeing externally.
What you can do: Run, Forrest, Run!
via GIPHY Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, three days a week. Cardio makes your heart bigger and stronger, and pumps oxygen-rich blood around your body. Your lungs and skin will thank you for it.
And if you’re too lazy to do any of the above? Just drink water. It’s the ultimate healing potion.
Drown yourself.

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