Steal Janella Salvador’s Look During Her #MakingMega Premiere

Last night’s #MakingMegaPortugalWithJanellaSalvador was a success. While we are all so used to seeing Janella Salvador as a powerful force to be reckoned with, the documentary gave us an intimate peek of the kind of person she truly is. Salvador is also sensitive, and while others may initially see this as a weakness, she shows us how that this attribute of hers makes her a better performer and person.

Aside from these wonderful moments in the documentary, another thing caught our attention: her look for the night, which isn’t actually too hard to achieve. Clad in a body-hugging yet classy off-shoulder dress, Janella’s look was definitely glamorous. A closer look at her dress shows us that she has an eye for detail as well—the top part of her dress was beaded while the shoulders had an eye-catching fringe detail. 

Her hair and makeup were kept pretty simple to let her natural beauty shine. She wore her hair sleek and straight, while her makeup was kept to a minimum, with subtle pink lips as its focal point.

Photo by @winnramos on Instagram

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