Step into the Sun with Geox

Combine summer’s humidity and soaring temperature with a busy urban lifestyle and you’ve got a recipe for tired feet and uncomfortable footwear. Next time you feel resigned to wearing flip flops for your errands, try instead Geox’s Spring/Summer collection of shoes featuring breathable leather and ultra-comfortable soles.


When your jam-packed calendar says  that you’ll be hoofing it in the city all day under the sweltering sun, your favorite heels just won’t cut it. You’ll need a pair of dependable flats will let you do your business with ease, comfort, and style. Keep your flip flops for the beach and opt instead for a pair of neutral- or pastel-colored flats in soft, breathable leather. Geox offers a wide variety of both trendy and classic styles, from loafers to ballet flats and sandals, all of which offer supreme support and cushioning. If you can’t let go of your heels, then a pair of Geox’s platform sandals will give you height sans the teetering and tottering of stilettos. And if you get caught in unexpected rain (don’t you just hate that?), Geox has improved their shoe technology to become more waterproof. At the end of the day, you’ll keep your feet cool and dry with your agenda– and your sanity–  intact. – Trina Epilepsia

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