Style Bunker February 2017: Iago Faria

Style Bunker February 2017: Iago Faria
Style Bunker February 2017: Iago Faria

It’s almost a mandate to relocate to Manila if you’re 6 feet tall, skinny, chiseled, and of course, Brazilian. Iago Faria was a regular football-playing kid in his hometown, until his fate was sealed by a Brazilian model scout during a game. Six months later, he started jetsetting around the world.

He’s a cheeky momma’s boy and family guy, a far cry from your run-of-the-mill millennial. But he’s also young, fresh, and cool (that heavy, slurry Brazilian accent helps)–the perfect partner to super-hot Taiwanese model Jessica Yang.

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Can you tell us what you do?

Iago: I’m a model, but I’ve started working as a social media influencer.

What do you love about modeling? 

Iago: I love how I get to travel, meet nice people, everyday and everywhere.

How has it changed you as a person?

Iago: I’m stronger now. I’m not immature anymore, because I have to be independent and live by myself. It’s hard. But it’s nice, I love it.

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Who do you look up to?

Iago: Justin Bieber. I like this model from Brazil, Diego Fragoso. But he’s not my idol, because I don’t have an idol. And I don’t copy anybody–I have my own style.

What would you be doing right now if you never started modelling?

Iago: I don’t know [laughs]. Maybe working in Brazil for sure. Maybe playing football. I don’t wanna think about it. I love my job.

What do you do to unwind?

Iago: I’ve been playing drums for almost 10 years. I’m a pretty good dancer too.

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How would you describe your style?

Streetwear. I love black. For models, black is nice because it’s simple and cool. 

Do you shop at H&M?

Yes. Oh my god I love H&M. I have a lot of stuff from them. I think H&M is perfect for me and my style. [for Iago’s style tips and more H&M fashion inspo, click here.]

What do you love about Jessica?

It’s so hard to explain. Jessica is perfect for me. She’s a simple girl–if i say to her “let’s go to 711, let’s eat this,” she’d be okay with it. It’s amazing.

What do you hate about Jessica?

When I need to go out, it takes her 4 hours to put makeup on!

What do you two do on dates?

Hang out at a coffee shop, chill at home, go to the cinema. We’re always together. Everyday is like a date.

Do you have plans on Valentines day?

Not yet. But maybe I’ll surprise her. ~


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