Right smack in the middle of his tight Saturday schedule, we sat down with basketball powerhouse Jeron Teng to see what the hype is all about.

The 22-year-old may have first entered public consciousness through his last name, but he’s been able to stay there by virtue of pure talent. Only 3 years the junior of his equally formidable brother Jeric, the DLSU Green Archer is already dead set on taking over the pro world.

And with his all-consuming love for the game, he just might surpass everyone’s (especially his superstar father’s) expectations.

For our readers who don’t follow basketball, can you tell us about your career status? What are you doing right now?

I recently finished my 5th playing year in La Salle. I’ll be playing in D-League soon. It’s like one step closer to becoming pro–you really have to play there. By October, I’ll join the draft for pro.

Which team are you playing for?

For D-League, I’ll be playing for AMA. I was their first overall round pick.

What made you want to be an athlete in the first place? Is basketball your first sport?

Yeah. I grew up in an environment of basketball because my dad was a professional basketball player, and my older brother plays basketball. I think it runs in my blood–growing up, I would watch my dad play basketball. I enjoy playing it. It’s my passion.

What about the sport do you love?

The competitiveness–because in basketball, you can never be too good. You always have to improve. You always have to push yourself because other players will all be working hard also. You can’t just relax and be complacent. You have to work hard everyday.

How often do you train?

Once or twice a day, everyday. But we usually have a rest day.

Sounds tough. What do you think makes you outstanding? Not to be crass but, what’s so special about you?

As an athlete, I really work hard. I learned that from my dad, ’cause he’d always lecture us. It’s better to be hardworking than to be talented. If you’re talented but you don’t work hard, you won’t be able to achieve what you want. But if you keep working hard, you’ll be able to achieve whatever you want. 

Hard work aside, would you say that you’re naturally gifted, too?

When I joined the varsity team in 3rd grade, I was a bench player. My dad found out that I wasn’t getting my minutes, so he started teaching me basketball at home. He would teach me with on-on-one games. We would practice almost everyday.

If you had never played basketball, what would you be doing right now?

Probably a different sport but I’ll still be an athlete cause I like being competitive.

What are your future goals? Other than playing pro, of course.

I’m taking up business management in La Salle. I’m planning to start up my business soon. I haven’t really figured everything out. My goal is really to open up my own business while I play basketball. I always have a back up plan–I don’t want to rely solely on basketball.

–which any sensible man should have. Let’s talk about health and fitness. How do you maintain that body? Any eating habits our male (or female) readers should emulate?

I eat anything I like. It’s just that if I ate a lot, I’ll do extra work. But I love eating so I don’t really believe in dieting.

That’s exactly what we wanted to hear. “Exercise more so you can eat more” should be everybody’s diet plan. Do you drink? 

I do, occasionally. I do like hanging out with friends.

How else do you spend your free time? Any hobbies that not too many people know about? 

I watch a lot of movies, and I do outdoor activities like hiking and swimming.

You really are born to be an athlete. How does your super-active lifestyle affect the way you dress?

I’m moody. Sometimes I like to dress up, like on special occasions, but I mostly wear chill clothes.

H&M’s denim collection is pretty chill. Do you shop there? Especially now that the retail giant has 22 stores all over the Philippines.

Yeah, I like wearing H&M. I think it’s really fashionable. Their jeans are nice–the pair I wore a while ago fit me really well.

If you were to take home anything from your H&M wardrobe today, which one would it be?

Probably the denim jacket. I really like denim jackets. [For Jeron’s style tips and more H&M Fashion Inspo, click here.]

We think you looked really cool in them.

Thank you.

And thank you for squeezing in time for us before your practice. Now run off and make everybody proud. ~ 

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