Style File: Janina Manipol

In the age of #selfies, overnight internet sensations and “Instagram models”, there are standouts like Janina Manipol—girls who just seem to belong to a different league, doing all things in style
By Nicole Blanco Ramos, Art by Alexandra Lara janina manipol-megastyle-megastyleph-opener Welcome to the digital world: where industries are becoming more and more accessible and fashion is becoming more inclusive, where 17-year-olds refuse to post things on Instagram that aren’t in line with their aesthetic, where there exists an aesthetic for people’s “brands” on social media. 25-year-old Janina Manipol had personal branding down-pat long before people started being conscious of social media trends and turning their personal Instagram accounts into artsy galleries. Yes, her feed has always been that beautiful. Yes, she has always dressed impeccably. janina manipol-megastyle-megastyleph-1 Over on Instagram, Janina’s profile reads: purveyor of positivity and good vibrations. To anyone who personally knows her or simply follows her on social media , it’s obvious that this is more than some mantra plastered on an online profile. And perhaps the best thing about her is that she remains unaffected by all the fluff that social media brings. She does not dwell on her appearances though she easily could bank on hers. A Communication Arts graduate from De La Salle University, Janina currently works at a production company as a videographer & editor. To add to her already impressive resume, she recently opened a small restaurant with two of her friends called ‘Potato Giant’ in Mendiola for the students in University Belt and is also one of the partners at Vybe Productions, the company responsible for bringing in Indie music acts in the Philippines such as Disclosure and Chvrches.   janina manipol-megastyle-megastyleph-3 Janina is a multifaceted artist, but does’t feel the need to induldge in excessive, loud displays especially when it comes to fashion. It’s really only fitting that our first MEGAstyle Style File features somebody just like her: style coupled with substance. “My personal style is definitely either traditional, tomboy or western,” Janina says. “I love reading about new trends but I don’t really follow them. I just take in what I like and use them to suit my personal style.” [one_half]When it comes to shopping, Janina is a certified fan of brands like Bershka, H&M, Forever 21 and Zara. “I do very little shopping, but when I do buy something new, it tends to be black!” Janina says, “You can never go wrong with the color black.” “Less is more; I like to keep things simple,” she further explains. This is the one important fashion pointer she’s acquired on her own. “Meanwhile, my peers and the things I see in the advertising and fashion industries help shape my sense of style. With my line of work, I get to see so many ways of wearing things from so many different kinds of people.”[/one_half] [one_half_last]janina manipol-megastyle-megastyleph-2 [/one_half_last]     RELATED STORIES: Stylist of the Stars Em Millan Kicks off the Style Clinic Series Style File: KC del Rosario       Connect with! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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