Style File: KC del Rosario

The style star rose to fame because of Instagram, but lives a life even more chic and glamorous than what’s shown in pictures
By Nicole Blanco Ramos, Art by Alexandra Lara kc del rosario-megastyle-megastyleph-opener

“What does fashion mean to you?” The ones truly passionate about it either find great difficulty putting their answer into words or respond quickly from having pondered this question one too many times before. A designer’s response will definitely be different from that of a fashion photographer’s; a lover of fast fashion may approach it in a way a lover of couture and designer creations may find slightly peculiar. For 22-year-old fashion designer KC del Rosario (to put it briefly as challenging as it is to simplify), fashion is who you are. “It makes a huge difference in your demeanor and personality,” she says. “My style, for example, reflects the kind of person I am and who I’ve always wanted to be.”

“My current style is a bit dark, romantic and feminine, which reflects my personality to the T,” adds KC. “I look back at some of the outfits I wore last year and cringe. [Laughs]” Identity, in part, is about looking ahead in order to create yourself in the here and now. And fashion is as multidimensional as the people who create it and digest it. KC has, in fact, emersed herself in it all her life. She remembers playing in her mother’s closet at a very young age—something she confesses to doing to this day. “I remember I was about six years old and [my family] wanted to take me to Disneyland,” recalls KC. “But I was like, ‘No. I want to stay in Mum’s closet.’ [Laughs] All her walk-in closets are enormous and to me, that was Disneyland. Weird kid.” Her mother actually gets more than one mention in the dialogue about fashion as KC goes on to say: “Being raised by her is probably why I fell in love with fashion in the first place. She is the chicest, most glamorous person on earth! [Her style] is always on point. I look up to her so much.” collage kc del rosario-megastyle-megastyleph On top of being raised by a mother who she says is her single biggest style influence, KC has paved a path of her own in fashion. She attended Raffles Design Institute and later on Central Saint Martins. “At Saint Martins, they prefer their students to be weird and wonderful and free,” shares KC. “It was refreshing to be around people whose mindset was to create, destroy and turn quirky things into something beautiful, chic and different.” To take on a fashion capital such as beautiful London—and attend a prestigious school, no less—without exploring fashion on the streets and outside of campus would be a bust; KC knew this well. She recounts her adventures out on the town and shares a highlight of her trip: London Fashion Week with her best friend, Kiana Valenciano. “The shows at fashion week were great, as well as the after parties. I got to meet the most inspiring people,” says KC. “We took a shot with Alexa Chung. How crazy is that?” KC shares a lot of her adventures on her Instagram and she’s become a social media star because of it. This does not faze her in the least bit though and she doesn’t dwell on any of it. Her feed is full of KC just being KC: there’s fun, a little mischief with friends, ensembles that are always impeccably put together and a whole lot of glamour. Through and through her philosophy rings true: “Be classy. Stay chic. Never restrict yourself. Take some risks but always wear what feels right for you.” KC’s beauty snaps equally get praise. She even openly reveals her skincare secrets. “I always start off with my Boscia black cleansing gel. Also, it’s a little weird, but I’ve been really into Korean products with snail musin. It works wonders,” she shares. “[I also love] literally everything from Shu Uemura. And once a week I use this clay mask from Goddess Skin.” She sports Givenchy and loves Mary Katrantzou. She invests in Comme Des Garçons and has her picks from Erdem. Alexander McQueen, Alice and Olivia, Miu Miu, and Karl Lagerfeld make up more of her favorite things. The girl’s got taste. When asked about what she would never be caught dead wearing, KC says: “That’s a really hard question, to be honest. I used to say I’d never be caught dead wearing clogs—I now have about five pairs. [Laughs]” She’s clearly got a sense of humor and that’s equally important.  

Photography Yukie Sarto of Studio 100.

Art Direction Alexandra Lara.

Makeup Pia Reyes of MAC Cosmetics.

Hairstyling JA Feliciano.

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