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The bearer of style criminally cool enough to make a Budweiser bomber fit perfectly into El Nino-stricken Manila, all-around creative Martine Velasco talks sartorial evolutions and her pursuit of happiness

The only thing more dangerous than a woman with a plan is one with the guts to set her scheme in motion.

Creative daredevil Velasco has long gotten her metaphorical ball of ambition rolling. A fashion blogger, photographer, stylist and artist, the high school senior seems to have things all figured out at the tender age of 17—a time a good chunk of us associate with unmanageable haircuts, terrible skin and even worse fashion senses. A clear exception to the rule, Martine is unquestionably past her awkward years—although she won’t deny facing her fair share of inglorious moments. “I pretty much looked like a walking Hot Topic,” she says of the trend-glutted, heavy metal-inspired looks she used to sport.

Looking beyond the over-the-top outfits and do-it-yourself jewelry that plagued her early blogging years, Martine’s tastes have changed exponentially. While accessories and ample edge remain closet constants, she now builds her outfits on trusty pairs of leather boots and tasteful essentials that teeter along the intersection of grunge and vintage.

Staying true to her distinctive sense of style and running her quality-oriented virtual wonderland on her own terms, Martine Velasco is taking the reins of her creative circus.


What is a normal day like in the life of Martine Velasco?

I don’t really have much free time these days; my final exams are looming and pretty much taking over my life! If I’m not preparing for those, I’m updating my social media, blogging, planning shoots, exercising or catching up on sleep via really long naps.

Are you a planner or a spur-of-the-moment dresser?

Most of the time, I’m a spur-of-the-moment girl. The exceptions would be times when I have more formal events to attend or if I’m going to a festival, just because I love dressing up for those.


Take us through your morning routine! From culling an outfit to perfecting your eyeliner, how long does it take you to get ready?

On schooldays, mornings are a no-brainer: wake up, do the essentials like brush my teeth, put on my uniform, grab a green smoothie and head on out. I rarely ever wear makeup on weekdays, but weekends are a different story because I go out very often. Choosing an outfit usually doesn’t take me too long, but I love taking my time to do my makeup, so I’ll take around half an hour (unless I’m getting ready with my friends… then that would probably go up to two hours!). As for my eyeliner, after a lot of practice it doesn’t take me long at all to perfect, which I am very grateful for!





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Who are your favorite designers, locally and internationally?

Internationally, I’m a huge fan of Saint Laurent, Chloe, Celine, Alexander Wang, Are You Am I and Acne Studios. Locally, the labels I like are Eliz Marcelo, Eve The Label, Sune and of course, Carisse, who I owe so much to. I’m drawn to simplicity and edginess, and these are brands that I think encapsulate either or both of those qualities.

Who are your style icons, or favorite people to follow on Instagram?

My style icons include Bella Hadid, Zoe Kravitz and the Olsen twins, but I take most of my style inspiration from the Internet and social media. A few of my favorite people to follow on Instagram are @erikabowes, @rumineely, @4thandbleeker, @celfridges, @christinapaik, @reltubatokad and @knighttcat.

Quick, your closet’s on fire! What are the first 3 things you would save?

This is a really hard question! Probably my denim jacket, a pair of black jeans and however many of my T-shirts I can carry, because those are the items that I tend to wear most on a daily basis.

What was your first fashion investment?

A pair of jeans from Acne Studios! I wear a lot of denim, so they were definitely worth it.

What was your first fashion investment?

A pair of jeans from Acne Studios! I wear a lot of denim, so they were definitely worth it.

You dabble in art and photography. What is it about your craft that makes you happy?

I’ve always enjoyed expressing and sharing aspects of myself with others and my hobbies give me the chance to do that. Seeing the finished product of something I create–be it a painting, a photograph or video–is a great feeling. Art and creative writing help me relieve stress because they’re very cathartic crafts.

What gives you a sense of happiness apart from fashion and art?

I love watching movies, discovering new music, spending time with my family and friends and traveling. I’m very lucky to be well-traveled at a young age, and it’s something that I definitely don’t take for granted. The concept of exploring new cities is so exciting to me.

What is next for Martine Velasco?

New York City! I’ll be moving there in August to start college. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know it’s going to be an adventure.


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