Style Tips from Manila Fashion Festival F/W 2016’s Best Dressed Guests

Let Manila Fashion Festival F/W 2016’s best dressed list help you give style-spotters a run for their money
by Cessi Treñas, Art by Alexandra Lara, Photography by Ron Mendoza, Floyd Jhocson and Yukie Sarto of Studio 100

While hopping from one event, shoot or pullout to the next is one of the most hectic parts of having a fashion-focused job (apart from constant deadlines and the pursuit of quality-oriented content, of course), affairs like Manila Fashion Festival easily take the cake. Between keeping a watchful eye over the looks that flood the runways, documenting fresh designer looks and all ongoing style festivities are equally a must. On top of that, looking presentable enough, to not stick out like a sore thumb at the very least, is an unspoken rule. What’s a frazzled fashion girl to do?

The answer is simple: don’t overthink it.

Garance Doré, perpetrator of style and the realest real girl of them all, says that dressing up for events like Fashion Week–or Fashion Fest, in this case–is all relative. No matter what your wear, people are going to think that hours of thought were put into your outfit of choice, but the sartorial truth is that event dressing doesn’t have to be all that–not when fool-proof antidotes like classics, textures and vintage pieces exist to elevate ensembles. Just take it from our list of best dressed attendees from days 1 to 4 of Manila Fashion Festival’s F/W 2016 run.

No matter what the occasion, timeless pieces are the best foundation to build a solid outfit upon. That white blazer and crisp polo hidden away in your closet, ignored in favor of trendier pieces, could very well save your life (or your style cred.) Commit to your classics and settle for subtle tweaks. Take cues from model Jullian Culas and upgrade a pair of culottes by way of a paperbag waist, or sport an oversized button-down as a daring mini-dress, pants be damned.

A little less fabric could lead to exponential impact. After all, why lug around an accessory when you can get away with some leg, side boob or a flash of the abs? A pre-event reminder: remember to keep exposure tasteful and strategic by ensuring your outfit fits like a glove.


The same general guideline that governs over magnetism and love also applies to fashion: opposites attract. A polar pair–stripes and solids, prints and plains, darks and lights–are a good place to start when assembling an outfit.


While often overlooked, texture is just as important as a piece’s cut and color. With the ability to boost a garment to a show-stopping level, the fabric, feel and finish of a piece can be used to your advantage. Go all out with tassels and shredded ends or keep things simple: fashion blogger and beauty enthusiast Alyssa Lapid used leather to call attention to her black-on-black ensemble, while designer Esme Palaganas paired a frilly-sleeved polo from her previous collection with a casual jeans-and-sneakers combination.

Whether thrifted, inherited or simply created in the image of a decade past, vintage pieces are armed with varying degrees of one-of-a-kind appeal. Undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to infuse a spoonful of charm into a casual outfit, garments that send onlookers into a fashion throwback can be just as effective during public affairs. A few basics to build on: wide-leg trousers, a printed frock and a sportif high-neck shirt made for layering or tucking into high-waists.

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