Re-wear Your Holiday Party Clothes With These Styling Tricks

fgfg Now that the festivities are over, you’re staring at a closet full of sparkly and flashy clothes you won’t be able to wear in broad daylight. But with a bit of smart styling, it’s possible to pull off party pieces without looking gaudy– the right mix of basic and bold is all you need. Try out these genius styling tricks:

1. Layer your sheer party dress with a graphic t-shirt for a casual feel. 


2. Pairing a long sheer maxi skirt with a button-up blouse achieves a casual and professional look!


3. When in doubt, go for the cozy-sweater-and-sequined-skirt combo. The clash of textures is lovely.


4. Wear your mini patent leather skirt with a denim top for some old-school cool.


5. Balance out your statement night-out top with two basic pieces: jeans and white sneakers. 


6. If you feel like your short party dress is a little too much for the daytime, layer it with a long sleeved top. 


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