Do Your Sunglasses Match Your Face Shape?

Face shapes have the ability to dictate what sunglass styles work best on us. Just like our body types, our respective face shapes limit us to wearing certain frames. While we don’t necessarily have to abide by these rules of facial structure, our favorite celebrities have taught us that knowing whether we we are round-faced like Selena or heart-shaped like Kim and Kourtney can work to our visual advantage. Read on to discover which sunglass frames to keep an eye out for on your next eyewear spree.


The goal: To add definition to the face and tone down roundness

The frame: Rectangular frames and the classic wayfarer. Variations of the cat-eye, particularly those angular and tapered towards the bottom can also create the illusion of a more sculpted jawline.

L-R: Ray Ban, Sunnies Studios


The goal: To draw attention to the face’s natural outline

The frame: Sunglasses with wide tops and tapered bottoms, such as the cat-eye. Rimless frames and butterfly shapes also make for a good match.

L-R: Mango, Sunnies Studios


The goal: To round out the face

The frame: Round frames. These babies will work miracles.

L-R: Arrowed by Karen Walker at Ronnie & Joe, Mango


The goal: To even out facial proportions

The frame: Go big or go home. Large glasses a la Jackie O or the Olsen twins could be an impeccable match for this face shape, but only if the frames are rounded or oval-shaped.

L-R: Kate Spade, Sunnies Studios


The goal: To strike a balance between face and frame sizes

The frame: Rounded and angular frames alike work for oval faces but more so when properly proportioned to the face. When it comes to sunglasses, as with all other things, balance is key.

L-R: Arrowed by Karen Walker at Ronnie & Joe, Zara

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