#Supermoon2016: How to Take Advantage of This Rare Occurence

1002079_1280x720 November 14, 2016–The moon is at its nearest since 1948. Trending on social media as the #supermoon, this full moon appears 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal. Supermoons are relatively frequent, but this one tonight is once-in-a-generation. Get off your couch right now to see the largest moon in 69 years! It is a scientific fact that full moons change the mood and behavior of certain animals. There are theories that it also affects humans–and we don’t suppose it does–but if regular full moons already have that much power over our planet, what more a rare supermoon? It’s getting all the new-age yogis and astrologers all giddy, but we’re not asking you to pick up your broomsticks and cauldrons just yet. What harm would a few minutes of meditation and introspection do for your well-being? Let’s consider ourselves blessed to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event, and consider it an excuse to reassess our thoughts and actions for the better (like how we use Christmas as an excuse to love each other more). Here are 5 tips on how to benefit from the full moon “energy.” Do these before going to bed tonight for sweet dreams and brighter days ahead.
1. Do not allow anger to creep in.
Woman with eyes closed sitting in meadow.

Stay calm. Empty your mind. Let go of worries and grievances. Breathe, and be aware of your own breathing. If you feel anger creeping in, nip it in the bud. Anger is an emotion that destroys you more than it does anybody else.

We should all forgive and forget, but if you really can’t let something go, talk it out with that person at least a couple of days after the full moon. Emotions are high during this time, so be mindful of all your interactions.

2. Fill your mind with positive thoughts.
Mixed race woman on urban rooftop

Keep all that energy moving in a positive direction. Clearing your head out is not enough–fill it up to the brim with good thoughts! The full moon will magnify the positivity (or the negativity, so be careful).

There are simple ways to achieve this. You can spend five minutes remembering the happiest moments in your life, or imagining the happiest moments that could happen to you. You can get a pen and paper to list down all the things you are grateful for, or to write a thank-you letter to the Universe for everything it has given you (an attitude of gratitude, as we like to call it). You can look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you are. You can take a stroll around the city to try to see the beauty in everything.

Make it a habit. You will notice a change in your aura.

3. Imagine your dreams materializing.

List down your most prized goals–the most honest, closest-to-your-heart goals. Now envision them as if they are already real. Remember: you are your thoughts. Ask, believe, and you shall receive.

To help you even more, print out pictures and keywords and pin them on a corkboard, in full view of from your bed (they will register stronger in your first and last waking moments). The full moon energy will fan the flames, so do it while the supermoon is here!

4. Send blessings to everyone you know.

List down the names of those you feel are in need of positive energy, and the names of those you have grievances towards. Close your eyes and mentally send forgiveness, healing energy, and love to these people.

Now do it to strangers and the world-at-large (include the president, if you are so inclined). Do it to parts of the world experiencing war, poverty and evil. This will have a positive effect not only on them, but most especially on you. Imagine billions of other people doing this–the world will be a better place!

5. Meditate alone or with friends.

After doing tips 1-4, keep your mindspace regularly open and clear with regular meditation. Choose a quiet, sacred spot in your home or anywhere in the vicinity. The full moon will heighten the stillness in your mind and spirit.

If meditating alone doesn’t sound appealing to you, gather up your truest, closest friends and form a meditation group. Sitting quietly in the midst of quiet, like-minded souls is very powerful. Don’t know anyone interested? There are tons of meditation groups you can join.

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