Mix & Play: The 4-Step Guide To Skincare For The Average Lazy Girl

featured_sephora Finding yourself swamped with about 20+ skincare products ranging for A-Z? And half of the time, you don’t even get to use the haul you got? We feel you don’t worry. The world of skincare has multiplied before our eyes and has left us with bits and bobs of products we don’t even need. Not to worry, we’ve beat the system and trimmed down the essentials to just 4 items (lazy girls unite!). What are these gems and where can you get your hands on them? We look to our laptops in the goldmine of cosmetic finds a.k.a. sephora.ph

1. Micellar Elixir

A newbie addition to the world of personal care and possibly one of the most important! This comes in either milk, gel, or water and is perfect for removing makeup gently and effectively. sephora_micellar

2. Cream Of The Crop

Get yourself a cream that doubles as a scrub! After a quick cleanse with micellar water, unclog pores with cleansing creams that removes dead skin cells while leaving your skin milky smooth. sephora_cream

3. Balms Away!

Divert your attention from your skin to your lips. Choose a lip balm with shea butter to fully nourish your puckers with a few gentle swipes. Keep a tube within reach, since the driest times for your lips are actually in the morning and few meal time. sephora_balm

4. Wipes Are Life

When you don’t have the luxury of washing your face in between work hours, invest in facial wipes that easily remove dirt and impurities in a flash. Keep a pack in your bag for those busy days you’re juggling meetings. sephora_wipes Get your hands on the Mix And Play collection by Sephora and try out the different core essentials. For the lazy girl in your, all you need to know is the collection equation:


Try out the Coconut, Rose, Pomegranate & Goji Berry, Yuzu & Tangerine, Charcoal & Honey, and Green Tea & Almond collections today by visiting the Sephora site here!

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