The Best Blush Shades For Every Skin Tone

by Nicole Rivera, Art by Rafa-el Lopez Ever Bilena 2 Opener The secret to pinpointing the right shade of blush? Observe how your skin flushes naturally, and find the blush that’s closest to your natural flush. To help you figure it out, we’ve rounded up the best shades and colors for every skin tone: fair, medium, and dark.
Opt for shades of pink blush Opt for shades of pink blush—soft and baby pinks are perfect to give skin a subtle, natural flush, because it’s the shade most fair-skinned people naturally blush. A powder blush in baby pink applied on the apples of your cheeks will do the trick. Sheer plum also looks great on fair skin, to give a more dramatic look—a stain or cream with purple or blue undertones will also define and contour the face.
Medium complexions naturally blush a bit darker Medium complexions naturally blush a bit darker, so rose and berry tones will give you a natural flush. You can also try peachy shades for a more glowing look that still stands out against your skin tone. Stay away from sheer finishes, and choose more pigmented formulas (creams or powders) that can blend easily onto skin.
Bronzers go great with dark skin tones Bronzers go great with dark skin tones, as well as deep shades of rose, orange, plum, or reddish brown. Avoid silvery blush, and instead go for pigmented shades that give a hint of redness to match your undertone: pinks and blues for cool undertones, or reds and oranges for warm undertones. Ever Bilena_Advance Blushing Cheeks For any skin tone, EB Advance’s Blushing Cheeks (Php 90) is a game-changer—it’s a gel-based cheek color that reacts to your skin’s chemistry and gives you a natural flush. Use it alone or as a base under pigmented blush for all-day color.   FIND THIS AND OTHER PRODUCTS IN EVER BILENA’S ONLINE STORE
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