The Best Game Of Thrones Outfits From Season 7 You Shouldn’t Miss

Following the wrap-up of the crazy whirlwind that is Game Of Thrones season 7, we cant help but analyze the evolution of each character, not just in terms of their progression as individuals but also when it comes to the shift of their wardrobe color palette. Its gradual direction reflects the dark times and the change in winter for Westeros. The elaborate costumes for the series were crafted by over 80 to 100 people, meticulously detailing them to ensure that every piece is accurately fit for the character. And if you havent already noticed, the clothes are symbolic of each characters depth as the story progresses. It’s only right that we put a spotlight on the high-budget show’s wardrobe. So in honor of the seventh season, we run down four of our favorite ensembles: Warning: spoilers ahead!

1. Daenerys’ white dragon riding dress Daenarys Targaryen Game of Thrones

Perhaps, the most talked about look this whole season is Daenerys Targaryens white structured dress to save Jon and the Wight-fighting squad over at Eastwatch. The piece looks like its straight out of a McQueen collection with a hint of Balmain. Dany had her priorities set that day: to save Jons team immediately but in style. 

2. Cerseis Dragonpit summit look Cersei Lannister of Game of Thrones

Cersei’s look has dramatically changed since Tommen’s death at the end of last season. Her mourning clothes quickly progressed into a dark, structured look as she claimed the throne for herself. This silver brocade dress layered with a leather outerwear reminds us of a similar jacket worn by the Lannister patriarch, Tywin. It’s militaristic and imperial, suggesting that the proclaimed queen is ready for war. The back also features a spiked, spine-like detailing, fitting Cersei’s duplicitous nature.

3. Sansas Lady of Winterfell ensembles Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones

Sansa always wanted to stand out from her family, opting for bright colors rather than the neutral hues of the Starks. Over the course of the show, we can see how she (and her clothes) adapted to the environment. Her stay at Kings Landing showed us a similarity between her look and Cerseis, and as the seasons advanced, Sansa finally embraced the dark colors of her ancestral home with wolf pelt capes and armor-like dresses.

4. Eurons all-black leather uniform 

Euron Greyjoy of Game of Thrones
Photo from HBO
Who could forget the ultimate style transition of everyones favorite bad uncle, Euron Greyjoy? From dull, grey pieces in the earlier episodes to a complete overhaul featuring an all-black leather outfit a la Saint Laurent and Rick Owens. We couldnt get our eyes off of the exquisite detailing of his snazzy jacket since he emerged in Kings Landing. And mos certainly, we cant wait to see the pieces costume designer Michele Clapton has in store for us in season 8.  

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