The Best Hack For Sexy, Plumped Lips, According To This Makeup Artist

With Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner around, the beauty world just can’t get enough of plumped lips. However, you don’t need to resort to expensive lip plumpers or terrifying lip fillers to achieve the luscious effect. Over at Harper’s Bazaar, Hung Vanngo — the trusted makeup artist of Selena Gomez and Victoria’s Secret models — revealed his tricks to create a natural-looking, plumped lips, with as little effort as possible. The secret? It’s all about the right lipstick application and formula. 

1. Apply lipstick slightly over the lip line 

FoEvery beauty girl knows by heart that lipstick shouldn’t go beyond the lip line, however, Vanngo begs to differ. To create the illusion of fuller lips without it looking too heavy, he suggests, “Start by filling in your full lip with liner and then go all the way up and over your outer lip line. You should also apply your lipstick just a little bit over the top of your lip line, which then gives the illusion of a fuller lip.” By doing this, it wouldn’t be too obvious that you cheated your way to a plumped pout. 

2. Use creamy lipsticks 

After you’ve overdrawn your lips, the best way to make it seamless is to top it off with some sheen. “You should also try using creamier lipsticks, instead of matte, because matte lipstick really defines where your lips end. That means that if you overdraw your lips and then use a matte lipstick you can see that you’ve faked it,” Vanngo reveals. 


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