The Best Moments from Last Night’s #MakingMEGATurkeyWithMcLisse

September 26 marked the launch of this year’s Making Mega documentary, which starred It couple Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon (or McLisse for short) and it was shot in the mesmerizing sights of Turkey. And just as expected, the premiere delighted guests with priceless moments.

Scroll down to see what you missed!

1. Elisse’s glamorous look

Making Mega Turkey with McLisse

Rising star Elisse Joson arrived in a show-stopping silver gown. Fans definitely went crazy over her glamorous look. 

2. When McCoy surprised Elisse— and everyone else as well

Making Mega Turkey with McLisse

The program started with Elisse and Mega Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Peewee Isidro-Reyes announcing that unfortunately, McCoy wouldn’t be able to make it to the event. Moments later, however, he surprised everyone by coming on stage with a red balloon for his on-screen partner, causing everyone to go wild with excitement.

3. Documentary highlights

The documentary showcased the best and the most stressful times during the Making Mega trip to Turkey. One of the most notable parts were the scenes which featured the city’s breathtaking sights and how the team managed to turn them into a story for their editorials.

4. McLisse’s reaction to the documentary

Making Mega Turkey with McLisse

Since it’s the first time McLisse has seen the documentary, we got genuine reactions from the two.

5. “Will you be my date to the Star Magic ball?”

Making Mega Turkey with McLisse

The night ended with a bang when the MEGA team was in the middle of thanking their guests, McCoy surprised everyone once again when he asked Elisse to be his date for the Star Magic Ball. With his adorable proposal, how could she say no?

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