The Best Way To Use A Beauty Blender, Based On Its Shape

Ever since beauty blenders became a trend, we saw a wave of makeup sponges in new shapes and sizes–it got a lot more appealing, and a lot more complicated too. While it’s easy to literally pick anything (after all, these are all just sponges), its curves and points are meant for specific applications. Below, we broke down the uses behind each shape so you can find your perfect fit!

1. Teardrop Shaped Sponges

Teardrop-shaped sponge
Images from Pinterest | Blank Canvas Cosmetics
  Great for: multi-use. Chances are, this is the sponge you’re most familiar with as it’s the OG BeautyBlender. The teardrop-like form proves to be a chameleon; the large end (when dampened) can be used to smoothen or to blend harsh lines. On the opposite end, its tapered point is fit for concealing hard-to-reach areas such as your under eyes, and even the corners of your nose.

2. Flat-Ended Sponges

Flat-ended sponge
Images: Pinterest | Ulta
Great for: base application. Unlike a large, round end, the angled, flat edge of this sponge is ideal for creating the base of your look, as it makes it easier to evenly spread out the foundation. And if you turn the sponge horizontally, you’ll notice that its length are also about the same size as your cheekbones. So for a more convenient way to get a flush, apply cream blush on the sponge, hold it horizontally and dab it directly onto the cheekbones for an instant natural-looking blush.

3. Pear-Shaped Sponge

Pear-shaped sponge
Images: Polyvore | Pinterest
Great for: sheer coverage. For a sheer application, turn to this curvy sponge. You’re meant to hold it in its curve in the middle as it will help control the amount of coverage you create in a specific area.  

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