The Cold Shoulder: 6 Haltered Bikinis You Need To Try This Summer

featured-SIZE_roxy For the girl with big, broad shoulders, never listen to the likes of Regina George! What she mentioned to be “man-shoulders” is actually a great feature when trying out adorable bikini trend: haute halters! 2017 is a great year for the ladies with wide-set shoulders as the bikini cut accentuates a strong and built figure, making you look fitter and slimmer. Scroll down and marvel at our top 7 picks that you should consider getting pronto!  

1. Looped Laces

Show the right amount of cleavage by getting yourself a bikini with teardrop details. Change up your usual floral swimsuit print and go for a psychedelic twist with geometric patterns. roxy_womens_strappy_love_halter_crop_separate_bikini_top_btk6_1_h

2. Crochet Cut-outs

A sweet and simple detail on a bikini means one thing: crochet! One thing we love more than halter silhouettes is crochet details around the chest area. Take your bikini from day to night with crochet accents that transforms your top to more than just a bikini. roxy_womens_sea_lovers_crochet_crop_separate_bikini_top_bta0_2_h

3. Flirty T-Back

Halter bikinis have another stylish innovation: ultra-feminine t-back straps! Show off both your toned shoulders and your chiseled back muscles with a slim t-back strap to complete your whole beach OOTD. _roxy_womens_boheme_life_crop_separate_bikini_top_wbt0_1_h

4. Surfer Zipper

Who says you can’t wear a cute bikini while catching some waves? A halter wetsuit bikini will make sure that the bikini top stays firmly in place while looking cute with a back zipper accent. _roxy_womens_pop_surf_lycra_separate_bikini_top_wbt6_2_h

5. Tropical One-Piece

Another good thing about haltered swimsuits? More chances to make use of beachy prints to get you in the vacay spirit. Mix together tropical palm trees with groovy colors for a look you can take straight to Coachella! keepitroxyfashiononepiece_bta7_1_h

6. Fringe Boost

Have all the fun with fringe details around your haltered bikini! These structured pieces are perfect for girls with small busts as some give ad added boost through a secret lining. roxy_womens_strappy_love_crop_separate_bikini_top_bme0_1_h Itching to hit the beach? Stock up on sexy bikinis and don’t forget to keep the haltered pieces in mind! Drop by Roxy stores today or visit their online store here! In-article images: Pinterest | Roxy

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