The Cutest Details from Maxene Magalona’s Bridal Shower

With her feminine taste, we were all anticipating how actress Maxene Magalona’s bridal shower would turn out to be. Staying true to her signature style, she celebrated an intimate staycation with her closest girlfriends at Solaire Resort over the weekend. 

Playfully titled #MAXXelorette, the bridal shower included spa treatments, pool time and the most adorable cake ever. See the details for yourself:

1. Lots and lots of food

This was not a weekend to watch over one’s diet. The girls definitely enjoyed indulging in the delicious meals Solaire had to offer. 

Our yummy lunch in our private cabana 😍 #MAXXelorette #SolaireStaycation

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2. The relaxing spa session

After a long day, the girls were able to sit back and relax with a massage.

3. Pool time

Maxene and her closest girlfriends seemed to have a blast by the pool, splashing around and sipping on their refreshing drinks. 

#MAXXelorette x #SolaireStaycation has officially begun!!! I’m sooo excited!!! 🙀😻😽

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4. The fun night in 

Nights in can be just as enjoyable if you’re with the right company! On her Instagram post, Maxene shares that they spent the night having a karaoke session in their suite with a lot of tequila shots.

5. Maxine’s adorable cake

The pink cake was hilariously decorated with a doll puking on a toilet. While it may initially sound unappealing, the photo that the star shared shows otherwise.


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