Here’s How You Should Be Shopping For Foundations

miley If it’s taking you too long to decide whether a “sandy beige” or a “natural beige” is your foundation shade, we totally get you. Finding the correct color that matches your skin can be tricky. So to help you purchase that winning foundation with confidence and ease, we’ve listed down 3 foundation-matching tricks you should try before making that splurge!
TIP # 1: Go makeup shopping with a bare face. 

To get it right, you need to test out the shade on your actual skin tone–not over layers of powder and concealer.

TIP # 2: Get the closest shades. 

The classic trick is to pick two shades (a lighter and a dark one) that are closest to your skin tone. Swipe it from your cheeks to your jawline and blend them in. Almost like the ‘baking’ process when applying your makeup, let the foundation sit in for a while and see how it reacts to your face.

TIP # 3: Natural lighting is key. 

A well-lit beauty counter can easily deceive you, making you go for the wrong foundation. So after swatching the shades on your face, take your mirror with you and head outside the store (or wherever there is natural light). The shade that’s most imperceptible on your skin in natural light is your best bet!


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