The Girls of Cinemalaya: Style Sirens to Stalk

CINEMALAYA_FEATURED_IMAGE4 After 12 long years, the iconic film festival is now bigger than its movies. It is more than the creative machine that has launched the careers of filmmakers and actors. It has become one big party to see and be seen at. Like Christmas, Cinemalaya season is the one time of year where everyone has an excuse to gather and mingle without barriers. Society people, movie stars, indie actors, film geeks, the guy who pretends to like films, art mavens, fashionistas, hipsters, professors, college kids, the janitor who watches FPJ flicks in the projection room—all huddle together in the dark theatres of CCP to hobnob in the lobby after closing credits. As a filmmaker myself, I think it’s awesome. So in honor of all things un-film, here are five of the most stylish faces in this year’s entries.

Julz Savard

Hipsters are often one-note in style and skill. But Julz is not a hipster. She’s a renaissance hipster. When she’s not making music with her band Sixx, she dabbles in acting, modeling, hosting, and being the poster child of cool. We first spotted Julz when she joined (and won) the first season of I am Meg. Catch her on: “I America” by Ivan Andrew Payawal Stalk Julz here.
A photo posted by Julz Savard (@julzsavard) on
A photo posted by Julz Savard (@julzsavard) on
Bela Padilla
Not exactly indie, not quite mainstream. Bela’s showbusiness roots and international schooling can be thanked for her highstreet-cool, worldly fashion sense. Catch her on: “I America” by Ivan Andrew Payawal Stalk Bela here.
A photo posted by Bela (@belapadilla) on
A photo posted by Bela (@belapadilla) on
Therese Malvar
Watching this award-winning 15-year-old on the silver screen (where she often plays poverty-stricken characters too busy to care about fashion), you wouldn’t imagine she was this chic offscreen. Catch her on: “1-2-3” by Carlo Obispo Stalk Therese here.
Janine Gutierrez
Another showbiz scion, the statuesque 26-year-old was born with it. Her classic vintage off-duty looks scream millennial Twiggy. Catch her on: “Dagsin” by Atom Magadia Stalk Janine here.
Bea Vega
The sun-kissed surfer is usually half-naked, but her bikinis are so on-point. Catch her on: “Mercury is Mine” by Jason Paul Laxamana Follow Bea here.
A photo posted by Bea Vega (@baevega) on
A photo posted by Bea Vega (@baevega) on
Catch the rest of the Cinemalaya 2016 entries until August 14, Sunday, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and select malls in Metro Manila.

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