The ID Necklace Trend

b_id necklace1 Evolving from the gold plated choker, statement necklaces are now going XL with giant chain ID necklaces and chokers. Early this year, celebrities Rihanna and Kim Kardashian were spotted wearing the Celine ID choker necklace. Worth approximately $985 (Php 40,641), the piece is a very bold take on the classic jewelry design. Many jewelry designers and fashion retailers like international brands nOir Jewelry, Nasty Gal, Mango, ASOS have taken cue. Local online shop Plus Minus Times Divide ( offers their Celine-inspired piece at a relatively cheaper price (Php 400). Soon, local celebrities Georgina Wilson and Solenn Heussaff were also seen donning the trendy accessory. id necklace3

Georgina Wilson and Kim Kardashian wearing Celine ID choker necklace, Solenn Heussaff wearing the Plus Minus Times Divide choker, and Rihanna also in Celine

Version two of this trend comes without the ID plate but still with the same chunky links that we love. Gogo Philip reinvented it by flattening the giant chains, while Forever 21 created alternating textures.

b_id necklace2

Chain link necklace by Forever 21 (Php 370), Gold Plated Classic by Gogo Philip (Php 1064), and ID Choker by MANGO (Php 1750)

Make that ID impression and rock this trend now. Pair this statement necklace with a black top and blazer or a curve-hugging monochrome dress for that stylish and very professional appeal. ~ Wearing this trend now? Post your outfit photo on Instagram and tag us @megastyleph!    

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