The Lazy Hairstyle Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and More Stars Can’t Get Enough Of

By now, top knots are old news. Whenever our strands reach the second-day territory, resorting to the messy bun has been an age-old trick to style unwashed hair. Luckily, our favorite stars are serving us with another easy hair solution: sky-high ponytails.

Whether it’s the cheerleader-esque version à la Rihanna and Betty of Riverdale or the sleeker look as showcased by Bella Hadid, this easy ‘do will (literally) take your lazy look to new heights. 

1. While out and about on the streets, Rihanna gave the fuss-free hairstyle a polished feel by keeping the crown extra-sleek and the rest of the ponytail tousled.

2. Staying true to her signature polished ‘do, Bella Hadid slicked her hair into a high ponytail where she finished it off with a classic, hair tie-camouflaging move: twirl a section of your locks and simply wrap it around the hair tie. Let this serve as a proof that this easy hairstyle can look striking on a night out too. 

3. Hailey Baldwin softened her evening biker look with a more low-key version of the high ponytail, letting a few loose strands fall down on her face. 

In-article images: Vogue 

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