The Mila Kunis-Approved Eye Makeup Trick To Look Sultry

  When we speak of Mila Kunis’ enviable sultry vibe, what comes to mind is her glowy olive skin and her curvy bod. However, what many people don’t notice is her signature eye makeup. In fact, the bombshell beauty has been wearing the same look for years, and it never gets old. Mila’s red carpet look is never complete without a blacked-out waterline. The actress usually lines her eyes with a black kohl liner, which brings a smoky definition to her peepers. It seems intimidating to do (and it’s probably the most underrated makeup trick), but lining your bottom lash line can take your makeup into the sultry territory once done right. Here’s how you can re-create the look (without leaving a dark circle mess beneath your eyes):

1. Do your eye makeup before anything else. 

To ensure that you won’t mess up your look, do your eye makeup before applying foundation. This will make it easier for you to clean any smudges on your bottom lash line.

2. Be strategic with the colors.

When it comes to lining your lash line, there’s a fine line between looking sultry and rebellious. To pull it off in real life, use a lighter shade from your upper eyeliner. This will still give definition, sans the harsh eyes. As much as possible, you want a smudged effect. It shouldn’t be as strong as your upper liner. P.S. To keep it from running down your face, make sure to use a creamy, waterproof pencil.